Phone Firmware

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Phone Firmware and Upgrades

Your phone comes with firmware already installed, which is specific to the call control system that your phone uses.

Occasionally, your administrator upgrades the phone firmware for you. This upgrade happens when you are not using your phone because the phone resets to use the new firmware.

Postpone a Phone Upgrade

When new firmware is available, the Ready to upgrade window displays on your phone and a timer begins a 15-second countdown. If you do nothing, the upgrade proceeds.

You can postpone your firmware upgrade for 1 hour and up to 11 times. The upgrade is also postponed if you make or receive a phone call.

Select Delay to postpone a phone upgrade.

View the Progress of a Phone Firmware Upgrade


During a phone firmware upgrade, you can view the upgrade progress.   


Step 1    Press Applications .   
Step 2    Select Phone information > Show detail.    
Step 3    Press Exit to return to the Applications screen.