Place Calls on Hold on Your Phone

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Put a Call on Hold

You can put an active call on hold and then resume the call when you're ready. When you place a video call on hold, video transmission is blocked until you resume the call.   

Step 1    Press Hold .        
Step 2    To resume a call from hold, press Hold again.    

Swap Between Active and Held Calls

You can easily switch between active and held calls.

Press Swap to switch to the held call.    

Answer a Call Left on Hold for Too Long


When you've left a call on hold too long, you'll be notified with these cues:

  • Single ring, repeating at intervals     


  • Flashing amber line button     


  • Flashing message indicator on the handset     


  • Visual notification on the phone screen     


Press the flashing amber line button or Answer to resume the held call.