Adjust Your Phone on Your Desk

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Change the Viewing Angle of Your Phone (7800 Series)


You can change the angle of the phone to eliminate glare on the screen.   

1    Unplug the phone from the network.   
2    Place the phone so that the keypad faces the desktop.   
3    Grasp one side of the footstand with one hand and place your other hand on the phone.   
4    Hold down the phone and pull up on the footstand.   
5    Turn the footstand over.   
6    Push the footstand back into the phone until the stand locks into place.   
7    Place the phone upright and plug it into the network.   

Change the Viewing Angle of Your Phone (8800 Series)


You can change the angle of the phone to eliminate glare on the screen. For the Cisco IP Phones 8845 and 8865, you can change the angle to improve the camera view.

1    Hold the receiver in the cradle with one hand.
2    Move the footstand with the other hand to change the angle.   
3    (Optional)Adjust the footstand on the key expansion module and ensure that the phone and key expansion module are stable.   
4    (Optional)Press Self-view to check the camera angle.   

Adjust the Handset Rest


If your phone is wall-mounted or if the handset slips out of the cradle too easily, you may need to adjust the handset rest to ensure that the receiver does not slip out of the cradle.   


1    Remove the handset from the cradle and pull the plastic tab from the handset rest.    
2    Rotate the tab 180 degrees.    
3    Hold the tab between two fingers, with the corner notches facing you.    
4    Line up the tab with the slot in the cradle and press the tab evenly into the slot. An extension protrudes from the top of the rotated tab.    
5    Return the handset to the handset rest.    

Secure the Phone with a Cable Lock (8800 Series)


You can secure your phone with a laptop cable lock up to 20 mm wide.   

1    Take the looped end of the cable lock and wrap it around the object to which you want to secure your phone.    
2    Pass the lock through the looped end of the cable.   
3    Unlock the cable lock.   
4    Press and hold the locking button to align the locking teeth.   
5    Insert the cable lock into the lock slot of your phone and release the locking button.   
6    Lock the cable lock.