Change the Video Settings on Your Cisco IP Phone 8845 and 8865

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Adjust the Video Brightness

If the lighting in your office makes it hard to see the video, you can adjust the brightness.

Step 1    Press Applications .        
Step 2    Select Settings > Video > Exposure.    
Step 3    Press the Navigation cluster left to decrease, or right to increase, the brightness.    
Step 4    Press Save.    

Adjust the Video Bandwidth


During a video call, your video can suddenly stop or lag behind the audio. The lag is often caused by a busy network.

By default, your phone automatically selects a bandwidth setting that balances the audio and video network requirements. If you frequently see a video lag, you can select a fixed bandwidth. We suggest that you start at the lowest setting, and only increase the setting if the video lag continues.


Step 1    Press Applications .        
Step 2    Select Settings > Video > Bandwidth.    
Step 3    Select a bandwidth setting.    
Step 4    Press Save to set the bandwidth.    

View Video Calls on Your Computer


You can view the video part of a call on your computer instead of the phone screen. The audio part of the call remains on your phone.   

Before You Begin   

Connect the computer to the PC port of your phone with an Ethernet cable, and login to Cisco Jabber for Windows or Cisco Jabber for Mac. The phone must be connected to the first network interface card (NIC1) in the computer.   


You need the latest version of Cisco Media Services Interface (MSI) and one of the following products:

  • Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.7(5) or later


  • Cisco Jabber for Mac 10.8.1 or later


Contact your administrator if you do not have the latest version of Cisco Jabber or MSI. For a list of hardware and software requirements, see:

Step 1    Press Applications .        
Step 2    Select Settings > Video.    
Step 3    Select Video through computer to start or stop the video on your computer.