Hearing-Impaired Accessibility Features for the Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series

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Your phone comes with standard accessibility features that require little or no setup.

Hearing-Impaired Accessibility Features—Cisco IP Phone 7861 Shown

Hearing-Impaired Accessibility Features


Accessibility Feature



Visual message-waiting indicator (handset)

This lighted strip is visible from all angles. Your phone also provides an audible message-waiting indicator.


Visual notification of phone state

  • Toggle the Mute and Speakerphone buttons on and off to indicate the phone state.

  • Use the Mute button to toggle the microphone on or off. When the microphone is muted, the button is lit.

  • Use the Speakerphone button to toggle the speakerphone on or off. When the speakerphone is on, the button is lit.


Inline-amplifier support (handset)

Cisco IP Phone handsets support third-party inline amplifiers. You attach an amplifier to the handset and cord and it sits between the handset and the IP phone.

Your phone supports these third-party inline amplifiers:

  • Clarity HA-40 Inline Amplifier for Corded Phone

  • Plantronics EHA40 Inline Amplifier


Adjustable ringtone, pitch, and volume

  • Select Applications > Preferences.

  • Adjust the volume level for the phone ring. While the handset is in the cradle and the headset and speakerphone buttons are off, press Volume to raise or lower the volume.

Your administrator can also change your settings.


Hearing aid compatible (HAC) handset

Supports these accessibility features:

  • Hearing-aid compatible.

  • Magnetic coupling of the hearing aid.

  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) loudness requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • Section 508 loudness requirements, which are met by using industry-standard inline handset amplifiers.


Acoustic coupled TTY and TDD support (handset)

Cisco IP Phones support these TTY and TDD features:

  • Acoustic or direct connect TTYs from industry-leading manufacturers.

  • Real-time text transmission over phone lines.

  • Hearing and voice carry over phones (HCO/VCO).

  • VoIP network operating at G.711.

For information about setting up TTY, contact your administrator.

Note the following also about third-party accessibility applications for the hearing impaired:

  • Cisco IP Phones provide an interface for third-party accessibility applications such as ipTTY from Tenacity that supports these features:

    • TTY traffic

    • Visual notification

    • Real time text

    • Hearing and voice carry over

  • Information about Tenacity is available at this URL: http://www.accessaphone.com

  • Real-time, live captioning of phone calls directly to the Cisco IP Phone screens (HCBIT) is available by Tenacity and Hamilton CapTel. The per-minute cost of the live captioning is paid for by a US FCC fund, so there is no charge to the employer/employee. For more information, see http://accessaphone.com/products/captioning/.

For more information about third-party applications, contact your administrator.