Use the Whiteboard to Collaborate on Cisco Spark

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Cisco Spark Whiteboard

You can use whiteboards in Cisco Spark to quickly create visuals to share in your spaces or with your team.

Create a Whiteboard


You can draw on the whiteboard right in the Cisco Spark app. After you create a whiteboard, you can edit it and share it, but you can't delete them.


While you use the whiteboard, Cisco Spark saves any change you make automatically, and adds it to the space's Whiteboards list.

1    Go to the space where you want to create a whiteboard.
2    Go to the activity menu , select Whiteboard, and then click New whiteboard.   

    The colored circles at the bottom of the whiteboard change the color of the marker.



    Click the eraser to turn the marker into an eraser.



Open a Whiteboard


You can see all the whiteboards that anyone creates in the space.

1    Go to the space where you created the whiteboard you want to open.
2    Click the activity menu , choose Whiteboard, and then select the one you want to see.

Share a Whiteboard with People in a Cisco Spark Space


You can share any whiteboard you created with the Cisco Spark app. Post a snapshot to share the whiteboard you’re currently working on or any whiteboard that has been saved to the Whiteboard list. You can only share whiteboards in the space where you created them originally.

Select the whiteboard you want to share, click Post snapshot, and press Enter to share the whiteboard.  

You can see and edit whiteboards other people are working on from the Whiteboards list.


Share and Edit a Whiteboard During a Meeting


Using whiteboards visually conveys the message you’re trying to get across. You can share and edit any whiteboard saved to the Whiteboards list during a meeting. Sharing live lets everyone in the meeting see the edits you're making to the whiteboard in real time.

1    During a meeting, go to the Activities Menu, and choose Whiteboard  .
2    Select an existing whiteboard or click New to open a new whiteboard, then click Share live.
3    Anyone in the meeting can work on the whiteboard that's being shared live at the same time. Select Edit to add content while in a meeting.  

Multiple people can edit the whiteboard at the same time.

4    Click Stop sharing to stop sharing your whiteboard.

The Whiteboard on Cisco Spark Board


When you open a Cisco Spark space on Cisco Spark Board, you can view, edit, and create new whiteboards in that space on Cisco Spark Board.