Calls in Cisco Jabber for Mac

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Start a Jabber to Jabber Call

You can make a call to another Cisco Jabber client using Jabber to Jabber calls. There are some differences using Jabber to Jabber calls:
  • You can make a Jabber to Jabber call with only one contact at a time.

  • When you are on a Jabber to Jabber call, if you call another contact your ongoing call will end.

  • When you start a Jabber to Jabber call with a contact and your contact starts a Jabber to Jabber call with you at the same time, your call is connected and you don't get any incoming call notice.

Before You Begin

This feature is enabled by your administrator.

Step 1  Select the call icon for your contact. For example in the contact list or in the chat window.
Step 2  Select Jabber Call from the menu.

Change Audio Devices

Step 1  Plug in your headset or other audio device to the appropriate USB port.
Step 2  Select Jabber > Preferences > Audio/Video.
Step 3  Select your audio device from the drop-down lists after the hardware is recognized.
Step 4  Adjust the volume for the audio device.
Step 5  Close the Preferences window to apply the changes.

Create Ad-hoc Conference Call

You can create an ad-hoc conference with your contacts, simply merge your calls to create a conference call.

Step 1  Start a call with your first contact.
Step 2  Start a second call with another contact, the first call is automatically put on hold.
Step 3  Select More > Merge and the two calls are merged into a conference call.

Forward Calls

You can forward calls from Cisco Jabber.

Step 1  Select Jabber > Preferences > Calls.
Step 2  Select Call Forward.
Step 3  In the Forward Calls to section, select an option from the available list or add a new number.
  1. Add a new number in the available list by selecting the + (plus) button.
  2. Enter a phone number, including country and area codes.

Transfer an Active Call

Step 1  Select the more menu icon and select Transfer Call.
Step 2  Search for the person you are transferring the call to.
Step 3  Select the Transfer icon and the call is transferred.