Change a Company Caller ID Name

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Caller ID Name

In a Cisco Spark organization, when people get an incoming call, they see the caller ID name (CNAM; typically 15 characters) and the caller ID number (the phone number). CNAMs displays the incoming caller's name, usually a company name, alongside the phone number. This makes it easier for your users to identify a caller.

When someone make a call from a Cisco Spark Call phone to an external number, the call is routed through the PSTN network and finishes at the home carrier of the recipient. The home carrier passes the phone number of the incoming caller and queries a CNAM database server. This step identifies the caller ID name and presents the name and the phone number to the recipient.

Carriers can use several available CNAM database servers, which aren't always owned by the carrier. Some of these CNAM database servers are kept more up to date than others.

If a number was previously used by another company or individual and the CNAM database wasn't updated, the database uses the old name. Use the steps to contact support for the PSTN provider and request a CNAM correction.


The PSTN provider takes approximately 5–7 business days to process CNAM update requests. However, other vendors and CNAM database servers that are involved can take up to 90 days to update their systems.

Before You Begin
  • Only US local numbers support CNAM. Canadian and toll free numbers do not support CNAM.


  • CNAM appears only on land lines. Mobile phones do not support CNAM.


  • The carrier for the number you are calling is responsible for the CNAM database lookup. If the recipient feels a caller ID error still exists, they need to open a ticket with their carrier.


1    Open an email to Enterprise Support.
2    In the email, provide the phone number and requested registered name (CNAM) for each number.
  • Registered CNAM name can be up to 15 characters. No symbols are allowed.


  • Numeric only entries, entries that are generic, contain profanity, or do not appear to be a valid company/individual names are not accepted.


3    When you are ready, send the email to Enterprise Support.