Caveats for Cisco VXME for Windows Release 11.8

Document created by Cisco Documentation Team on Feb 13, 2017
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Bug Classification

Known defects, or bugs, have a severity level that indicates the priority of the defect. Development managers usually define bug severity. Severity helps the product team focus on bug fixes for future releases and prioritize fixes.

The following table describes bug severity levels:
Severity levelDescription
1CatastrophicReasonably common circumstances cause the entire system to fail, or a major subsystem to stop working, or other devices on the network to be disrupted. No workarounds exist.
2SevereImportant functions are unusable and workarounds do not exist. Other functions and the rest of the network is operating normally.
3ModerateFailures occur in unusual circumstances, or minor features do not work at all, or other failures occur but low-impact workarounds exist.

This is the highest level for documentation bugs.

4MinorFailures occur under very unusual circumstances, but operation essentially recovers without intervention. Users do not need to install any workarounds and performance impact is tolerable.
5CosmeticDefects do not cause any detrimental effect on system functionality.
6EnhancementRequests for new functionality or feature improvements.

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Use the Bug Search page to obtain more information about a bug.
  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your user ID and password.
  3. Enter a bug ID or specify search parameters.
For more information, select Help at the top right of the Bug Search page.

Open Caveats

There are no new open caveats for this release.

Closed Caveats

There are no closed caveats (bugs) for this release.

Resolved Caveats

The following table lists caveats (bugs) that are fixed in this release.


Caveat ID Number





Video turns black if you popout window and switch to fullscreen and back



Cancel button on audio tab wont work after All Devices was changed to another device