Join Two Auto Attendants (Sample Scenario)

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You can route calls from one auto attendant to another. You may want to do that if you have different business units, like one for existing customers and one for new customers. You can provide different experiences, languages, and voices for each auto attendant. In this scenario, we walk you through how to route your English and Spanish customers to the right auto attendant.


1    Create two auto attendants, one for English and one for Spanish. Add messages in the respective language. Do not assign a phone number to either attendant.  

For more information, see Create an Auto Attendant.

2    Create a third auto attendant with the Basic template, and give it a name such as "Route to English or Spanish."
3    Enter the phone number that your "Route to English or Spanish" auto attendant will answer.
4    Leave the schedule as is. Your "Route to English or Spanish" auto attendant will operate the same way at all times of day. You can set up the schedule for the English and Spanish auto attendants.
5    In the Say Message box, select an English language option, and type "Thank you for calling ABC Company. For English, press 1."
6    Click the plus sign, add a second Say Message box., select a Spanish language option, and type "Gracias por llamar a la compañía ABC. Para el español, presione 2."
7    In the Phone Menu box, leave the message blank and set up the input digits:
  1. For the first input digit, select 1, choose Route to Auto Attendant, and then choose the English auto attendant that you configured previously.
  2. Click the plus sign to add a second digit, select 2, choose Route to Auto Attendant, and choose the Spanish auto attendant that you configured previously.
8    Click Save.
9    Use your phone to dial the number that you configured for the auto attendant. You will hear the two messages and then you will be able to press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. The call will be routed to the selected auto attendant, and you can continue from there.