Training Center: Scheduling Guidelines

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Thorough planning and scheduling will help your training session run more smoothly and be more effective. These guidelines will make your scheduling process easier.


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Session and Access Information


TopicEnter a topic title that clearly identifies the session so attendees can find it easily on a schedule.
Set Session PasswordUse a password created specifically for this session. This is the password that attendees must enter to join the session. Do not use your WebEx account password or a personal password.
This Training Session Is

Type the content of your training session to help you determine how you want your sessions listed. Select:

  • Listed for all to ensure that attendees can find your session easily. Everyone with access to the public calendar will see the session listed.
  • Listed for authorized users only to limit visibility to only users with an account on your WebEx site.
  • Unlisted if you do not want the training session displayed on the public calendar. Attendees will need to enter the session number from the invitation email in order to locate the session on your site..
This Session Will Have Over 500 AttendeesSessions with over 500 attendees have fewer tools available than do smaller sessions. Sessions with very large groups will limit interaction among attendees and between you and the audience.
Automatically Delete Session After It EndsSelect this option if you do not want the session to remain on the public calendar after it ends. Be aware that if you select this option, attendees will not be able to access material you have attached to the session.
Send a Copy of the Attendee Invitation to MeThe email you receive as the host contains your host login details. To receive a copy of the invitation that you can forward to additional attendees, select this option.
Session Fee and PaymentIf your account is set up for fee-based training sessions, enter the amount here.


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Audio Conference Settings

Select Conference Type

Select WebEx Audio to allow attendees to join the audio portion of the session using either their telephone or their computer (VoIP).


Select Use VoIP only if you want to send the audio from your session only over the Internet, instead of through the telephone. You may want to use this option:

  • When you will have a large number of attendees
  • If you session does not require much attendee participation
  • If you don't have toll-free number for attendees to call, or prefer not to incur the cost.

Keep in mind that integrated VoIP supports up to 7 active microphones, and allows up to 2 people to speak at the same time.

If you select Other teleconferencing service, be sure to enter clear instructions so attendees know how to join the teleconference.


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Date and Time

Starting TimeUse the Plan session time zones option if you have attendees located in different time zones. This will help you select a time convenient for everyone.
Time ZoneThis defaults to the host's time zone.

Consider the type of session and frequency when scheduling your training. You can select:

  • Single-session for a one-time training event.
  • Recurring single-session for a class that is offered regularly, such as a new employee orientation that occurs every Monday.
  • Multiple-session course for a series of classes that occur over days, weeks, months and so on. Attendees register just once for the entire series.
  • Schedule irregular sessions for single-session training offered on multiple dates, such as new employee orientation offered on Mondays in January, but on Wednesdays in April. This options allows you to edit sessions independently without affecting other sessions, and attendees register for just one of the session dates.
Estimated DurationThis is the length of the session in hours and minutes. Make sure you schedule enough time for the session so that attendees can plan ahead.


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In-session Hands-on Lab

Hands-on Lab ReservationCheck that a Hands-on Lab is available when you need one. Click Lab Info to get specific information about the labs, such as the number of computer they contain. Click Check Availability to see if a lab is open for your session.
Reservation StatusVerify that a message confirming your reservation is displayed. You will also see a confirmation message when you have not reserved a lab.


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Attendee Registration

You can require attendees to register before they can join the session. This enables you to view a list of attendees and accept or reject individual attendance requests. If you require registration, you can set registration passwords, specify the number of registrants, allow for a waiting list, and set criteria for when (or if) attendees can cancel registration. You can also specify that registrations are approved automatically so that you do not have to approve each one manually, which can be helpful when your session has a large number of registrants.


Click Customize form to solicit registrant information. For example, you could learn more about attendees subject knowledge or software proficiency, then us that information to guide your session planning and content.


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Attendees and Presenters

Invited AttendeesTo invite attendees, enter their email addresses or select contacts from your WebEx address book. You can assign an alternate host who will be able to take over for you, if you need to leave the session for some reason. Keep in mind that the alternate host must have an account on your WebEx site.
Invited PresentersFor some training sessions, you may want to have additional presenters. You invite them just as you do attendees, but when they receive the email invitation, they will be invited as a presenter rather than an attendee. When the join the session, they will be in the list of Panelists. You should follow up with presenters before the session so they know what is expected of them. You can also assign panelists and presenters during the session.


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Session Options

Available FeaturesClick Edit Options to assign attendee privileges. Consider the type of interaction you want attendees to have when assigning privileges. For example, you might want to enable video use in a small group to encourage interaction, but choose to disable the privilege in a large group to conserve bandwidth.
Destination Address (URL) After SessionYou can specify a destination Web page or Web site that attendees view automatically after the raining session ends. This can be used if you want to make documents available, or when you want to conduct a survey.
Greeting MessageYou may customize the greeting message attendees see when they join the training session. For example, you can welcome the attendee to the training session, provide important information about the training session, or provide special instructions.


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Breakout Session Assignment Settings

OptionsIf you have required attendee registration, you can manually assign attendees to Breakout Sessions before training, for example when you want certain people to work together. You can also choose to have Training Center assign attendees automatically.


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Email Options

Edit Email OptionsClick Edit Email Options to select the type of emails you want to send to attendees, and then customize the content of each email. For example, you can add instructions or extra information to the invitation and reminder emails, such as information about a pre-session assignment, and also make sure attendees stay current on any updates to the session.


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Session Information

AgendaA well-thought-out agenda not only lets attendees know what a session will cover, it will also help you stay on schedule.
DescriptionA good description of the session will give attendees an idea of what they will learn, and help you be clear about what you want to cover.
GraphicsIf you would like to add a single graphics file to the session information page, such as a log or photograph, you can do so here.


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Course Material

Add Course Materialif you have course material to download before a session, add it here. For example, you might share background information related to the session's objectives, distribute a syllabus and list of course expectations, and assign pre-session worksheets.


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Add TestYou can deliver tests before, during, or after a session. You should create tests before the session, upload them to your test library, then add them when you schedule your training session. If you do not attach tests to the session while scheduling, you will not be able to share them during a session. Also, of you schedule the session to be deleted after it ends, all tests and test results will also be deleted.


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