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Use this checklist with the Meeting Planning Worksheet (Meeting Center: Meeting Planning Worksheet) to ensure that you complete the preparations, and in-meeting and post-meeting tasks, that will help make your meeting a success.


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Before the Meeting Date


Schedule and organize the meeting


Set registration requirements, if desired.
Send meeting invitations and save responses.
Assign attendees roles and responsibilities.
Set attendee privileges and options.
Prepare any content you plan to share during the meeting.



Set up your meeting space


Test your headset and webcam to make sure they work properly.
If possible, have a second computer available as a backup.
Make sure any applications you plan to use are working correctly.
Have an "In Meeting" sign available.



Review and test your meeting materials


Carefully review content you plan to share.
If possible, start a practice meeting and test content you plan to share.
If you are using a poll, make sure it displays correctly in the polling panel.


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The Day of the Meeting


Before the meeting starts


Minimize sources of background noise.
Let the people around you know you will be in a meeting.
Display a "Meeting in Progress" sign.
Make sure you have attendees' contact information.
Check the position of your webcam and make sure it's working properly.
Have the Host Key and meeting number available.
Start your meeting a few minutes early.
If possible, join the meeting as an attendee on a second computer.
Open content you plan to share, including applications, and have it ready.
If you are sharing a PowerPoint presentation, open the PowerPoint Notes panel.
Review attendee privileges and meeting options.
Close applications you will not need during the meeting.



Start the meeting


Greet attendees as they join.
Send reminders to attendees who do not join on time.
Start the meeting recording.
Review the meeting agenda.
When sharing, verify that attendees can see what you want them to see.



Conduct the meeting


Paste instructions or information into chat for late arrivals.
Use Chat and the Annotation tools to solicit input and feedback.
Check the Chat panel regularly for questions and comments.
Keep track of time so the meeting stays on schedule.



End the meeting


Begin the wrap-up before the scheduled meeting-end time.
Delegate assignments and tasks.
Ask for questions, and answer them.
Use the File Sharing feature to make supplementary documents available.
Save meeting documents and distribute to attendees using the Send Transcript feature.



After the meeting


Distribute documents developed or reviewed during the meeting to those unable to attend.
Distribute meeting notes and minutes.
Publish and share the meeting recording.



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