Finding Articles in Help Central

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You can find articles by searching and by browsing.


Search for Articles


On the Home Page or a Product Overview Page

Click in the search box. Then enter your search terms. The search will include all articles in the selected space.

  • If you are on the Help Central home page, the search includes the entire site.
  • If you are on a product overview page, the search includes only the articles for that product.



On Other Pages

If you are not on the home page, look for the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page. Click the icon, and then enter your search terms. If you want to restrict the results to only the currently selected product space, click the link at the top of the list.




  • Phrases: To find a phrase, enclose it in quotes. For example, to find articles about caller ID, enter: "caller ID"
    If you omit the quotes, the search tool will find articles containing the word caller as well as all articles containing the term ID.
  • Wildcard: You can use an asterisk as a wildcard character. For example, enter messag*  to find articles containing message and messaging.
    Note that a wildcard cannot be used at the beginning of a word, and it can't be used as a standalone word.


  • Logical operators: You can use the operators below to create logical expressions in your searches. Enter these terms in ALL CAPS to distinguish them from normal words.
    • AND: Returns content containing the two search terms that are joined by the operator.
    • ODER: Returns content containing either one of the search terms.
    • NOT: Excludes content that contains the search term after the NOT. The NOT operator can only be applied to simple terms, not compound sub-queries, and it cannot be used inside a sub-query.
  • For more tips, click the Search Tips link below the search box.


Browse for Articles

View All Content for a Product

To view all content for the selected product, click Content in the menu bar.


If you cannot see the menu bar:

  • If you are on the home page for the site, choose a product, and then click Content in the menu bar.
  • If you are on a search page or reading an article, click Menu to choose a product, and then click Content in the menu bar.



Sort the Content List

By default, the list of content is sorted so that the newest, or most recently modified, content appears at the top of the list.To change the sorting of the list, click the down arrow at the end of the Sort by field, then select an option.


View the Content by Category

The categories appear on the left side of the page after you click the Content tab. To view only articles that are in a particular category, click the category. (If you have done a search, you'll need to click the browser's Back button to return to the Content page.)

Um zur Anzeige für alle Inhalte zurückzukehren, klicken Sie am Ende des Bereichs „Kategorien“ auf der linken Seite auf „Ausgewählte löschen“.


Filter by Text

Narrow down a long list of articles by entering keywords.



Filter by Tag

Narrow down a long list of articles by selecting tags. Tags are keywords that were applied to the content when it was created.

1. Klicken Sie auf Nach Tag filtern.
2. Select a tag from the list of popular tags, or:

    • Continue typing to see a list of additional tags from which you can select. The content list is updated each time you select a tag.
    • Click browse more tags to see the top 200 tags. Select the tags you want to search for, then click Done.
    • Click Clear to clear the tag filter.