Training Center: Breakout Session Checklist

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To help ensure the success of your training session, complete these tasks before you start any breakout sessions you intend to use during your training.


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Make sure there are no call-in users

A Call-in User ID in the participant panel indicates that an attendee has only connected to the session teleconference, or called the teleconference first before joining the main session online. Since the audio conference for the main session and breakout sessions are different, these attendees will need to use the Callback feature in order to have WebEx link their name to their attendee ID number so that they are able to automatically join the breakout session audio.


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Un-mute all phone lines in the main session

Un-mute all phone lines so that attendees are aware that they are about to be placed in a breakout session, separate from the main session. Since the audio conference is different from the main training session, they will need to be aware of when they are placed in the breakout session.


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Identify breakout session presenters

Each breakout session must have a Presenter. It is important to identify and assign the breakout session presenter so they can run and manage the breakout session. Attendees cannot join their assigned breakout session audio conference until the breakout session Presenter has started or joined the breakout session.


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Tell participants which breakout session to join

You can assign each participant to a specific breakout session when you schedule and set up the breakout sessions. Provide each attendee with a list of people they should expect to see and work with in the breakout session, so they will know if they have entered the correct breakout session once they have left the main training session.


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Provide clear goals for the breakout session

Provide everyone in your training session with the expectations and goals for the breakout sessions prior to starting them. Reinforce the goals by sending a Broadcast Message to the breakout session presenters once the breakout sessions have started.


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Provide a clear time frame for the breakout session

Tell attendees how much time they will have to complete the assignment in the breakout session. When you are planning the length of the breakout sessions, be sure to allow time for joining and returning.


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Provide files participants will need in the breakout session

Use the File Transfer feature to provide attendees with any files they will need to complete the assignment in the breakout session. Verify that everyone has the files they need before starting the breakout sessions.


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Review navigation within the breakout session

Show attendees the breakout session window and point out the ways they can communicate with the main session, or with each other, during a breakout session. Consider using a short presentation, demonstration, or supplemental job aid.


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