Set Up Paging Groups

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You can create a paging group so that users can send an audio message to a person, a department, or a team. When someone sends a message to a paging group, the message plays on all devices in the group.

Before You Begin


    Paging requires multicast routing using the IP address Make sure that IP address is free for multicast routing only.



    Check that the extensions you plan to assign to a paging group are available and unassigned.



    Paging groups need to have more than one member, and each member needs to have at least one registered device. If someone pages a group with no registered devices they'll hear a busy signal.



    Paging groups only work with the Cisco IP phone 7800 or 8800 series, not analog telephone adapters (ATAs).



1    From the customer view in, go to Services and choose Call > Features.
2    Click New, and then click Paging Group.
3    Enter a name for the group, and then click the right arrow .
4    Enter a paging group number.
5    Type the names of the users or places you want in the paging group.
6    Select who can initiate a page. If you choose Custom, enter the name of the initiator.
7    Click Create.