Cisco WebEx Video Conferencing within Slack

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Join Cisco WebEx Meetings from Slack

You can start or join Cisco WebEx meetings directly from Slack if you set up your team to use the Cisco WebEx app within Slack. You can send a message to share your WebEx Personal Room link or a specific meeting link for a later meeting. You can also click the call button to start a meeting instantly in your WebEx Personal Room. Clicking the call button shares the Personal Room link in the channel. To use WebEx with Slack, you must have a host account on a valid Cisco WebEx site.



Only WebEx sites version WBS31 and later are supported. Cisco WebEx Meetings Server sites are not supported.


Add Cisco WebEx to Slack

Click Add to Slack and follow the instructions.   
Add to Slack

Meet from Your WebEx Personal Room

Team owners and administrators can customize your team’s Slack call settings so that team members always use their WebEx Personal Room when starting instant meetings.


1    Go to your Team Settings page
2    Next to Calls, click Expand.
3    Make sure that Enable calling in Slack is checked.  

4    Select Cisco WebEx.
5    Click Save.  

Any team member can then click Call in Slack to start an instant meeting in his or her WebEx Personal Room. The meeting link appears in the Slack channel.



Set Up Slack to Use Cisco WebEx

In any Slack channel, type /webexconfig team [your WebEx site URL] to set the Cisco WebEx site URL for your team.   

That’s it. Your team members can now type /webex in their messages to share their WebEx Personal Room link with other users in the channel.



Cisco WebEx App Commands for Slack

Add WebEx Meeting Links


Use these commands with the Cisco WebEx app to share your WebEx Personal Room link and meeting link with your team:




Shares your WebEx Personal Room link.


/webex [Personal Room host ID]


Shares another host’s WebEx Personal Room link.


/webex [meeting_number]


Shares the meeting link for a regular WebEx meeting.




Shows the available commands for the Cisco WebEx app.


Set Up the Cisco WebEx App


Use these commands to set up the Cisco WebEx app to use your personal WebEx site URL or team WebEx site URL:




Shows your personal and team Cisco WebEx sites.


/webexconfig team [team WebEx site URL]


Example: /webexconfig team_name


Sets the WebEx site URL for your team.


/webexconfig [personal WebEx site URL]


Example: /webexconfig


Sets the WebEx site URL for your personal WebEx site. When you share a meeting link, your personal WebEx site URL is used. If you haven’t set a personal WebEx site URL, the team WebEx site URL is used.


/webexconfig reset


Removes your personal WebEx site URL. Meeting links use the team WebEx site URL.


/webexconfig team reset


Removes your team WebEx site URL.


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