Chat in Cisco Jabber for Mac 11.9

Document created by Cisco Documentation Team on Aug 3, 2017
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Transfer Files

1    In a chat window you can select the Send a file icon.
2    Select the file to transfer.
3    Select Send.

Set Privacy Options

You can specify privacy options to control who can see your status and send you messages. When you block a contact, that person cannot view your availability status or send you instant messages.

1    Select Jabber > Preferences > Privacy.
2    Select your privacy preferences in the Policies section.
3    Close the Preferences window to apply the changes.

Send a Broadcast Message

You can easily send a single message to a group of your contacts. Recipients receive broadcast messages in the same way as a 1:1 chat.

1    From your contact list, select all the contacts that you want to sent a broadcast message.

If you want to send a message to an entire group, select the header for the contact group.

2    Right-click on the selected contacts and select Send broadcast message. The Send broadcast message window displays.
3    Enter your message in the text box. If you want to add more people to the broadcast message, you can search for them in the People field and add them.
4    Select Send.

Edit Password for Instant Messaging Account

You can edit your Instant Messaging account password and you do not have to sign out and sign in to Jabber after editing and applying the password. You can just continue to use Jabber after applying the password.
1    Select Jabber > Preferences.
2    Select the Accounts tab.
3    Select the Instant Messaging option and edit your password in the Password field.