Pro Pack For Cisco Spark Control Hub

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Pro Pack

Pro Pack for Cisco Spark Control Hub provides you with advanced functionality in security, compliance, and analytics that can integrate with your software. Administrators, information security professionals, and compliance officers can use Pro Pack features to control data security and retrieval and to gain insight into Cisco Spark service usage patterns.




For highly regulated industries, the advanced security in Pro Pack provides you with customer-controlled security options.


    Hybrid Data Security—Manage your encryption keys, decryption keys, and other security services in your own secure on-premises datacenter. For more information, see Hybrid Data Security.



    Custom Security Settings



      PIN lock enforcement—To ensure that content is secure in the Cisco Spark app, you can set up a PIN lock. After PIN lock has been enabled, people can only use Cisco Spark on mobiles with PINs or lock screens. For more information, see Set Up Security for Mobile Devices.



      Revoke access—When people lose their mobile phone, or somebody leaves your organization, you can remotely revoke their access and wipe any Cisco Spark content from their mobile phones. For more information, see Revoke Access to Cisco Spark for a User.





Pro Pack provides advanced compliance features for your enterprise. You can control any data exposure by limiting the amount of data stored for your organization. These features help you to implement a consistent retention policy across your enterprise. We recommend that you work with your legal counsel to determine the most appropriate retention period for your organization.

  • eDiscovery search and extraction tool—You can access unlimited data to search and retrieve information within Cisco Spark spaces. Use email addresses, space IDs, keywords, and specific time limits to narrow the search.


  • Events API for DLP and Archival—You can use the Events API to integrate with your existing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software to check for policy violations and take action to resolve any issues. The events monitored include posting messages, files, and adding users to spaces. You can also use the Events API to integrate with your existing archiving software to archive an unlimited amount of Cisco Spark data.


    For more information see





You can use the analytics in Pro Pack to gain greater visibility and provide detailed insight into data for user adoption and usage. You can view up to 365 days of data and drill down into that data. This data view can reveal how your IT administrator can best focus on user adoption, optimizing resources, and understanding trends in the business.


    Long term historical reporting—With Pro Pack, the data available for basic reports is extended to 365 days.



    Custom Report with drill-down and discovery—You can create custom reports with additional drill downs to zoom in from monthly reports to individual call records.



For more information, see Cisco Spark Reports and WebEx Reports.