Remove an Expressway Node from a Hybrid Resource

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You can remove an Expressway node from a resource in Cisco Spark Control Hub, but this works best for nodes that no longer exist on the premises (due to a hardware failure, for example).


Even if you remove the node from the clustering setup on the Expressway, the node still contains its hybrid services setup, continues to connect, and appears as part of the same resource in Cisco Spark Control Hub. Use this procedure to fully remove the node.


1    Put the node in to maintenance mode:
  1. From the customer view in, go to Services, and then click All Resources from the on-premises resources card.
  2. From a resource card, click the Node link below the resource FQDN or IP address.
  3. For the node you want to do maintenance on, go to Actions, and then choose Enable Maintenance Mode.
  4. After you've read and understood the prompt, click Enable.  

    The node goes in to a pending maintenance state. For a multi-node high availability deployment, this state makes sure that the node can be temporarily shut down in a safe manner with little or no service interruption.


    Expressway nodes go in to maintenance mode within 30 seconds and users may briefly lose that service until they are migrated to another node.

2    Use Expressway to remove the node from the cluster:
  1. On the master of the Expressway cluster, go to System > Clustering, and then delete the IP address of the Expressway that has been removed.
  2. If the Expressway being removed is not the last field in the list, move any other IP addresses up the list so that there are no empty fields between entries.
  3. If the master Expressway peer’s IP address has been moved up the list in the previous step, alter the Configuration master value to match its new location, and then click Save.

These steps are a guideline. From the related links, you may also check the Cisco Expressway Cluster Creation and Maintenance Deployment Guide for your Expressway version.

3    From the Expressway node being removed, go to Applications > Hybrid Services > Connector Management, and then click Deregister to completely stop the connection with the cloud.  

After the node is deregistered, the cloud marks node as offline. This update might take a few minutes. For further cleanup, you can then remove from the cloud using the Remove Node option in Cisco Spark Control Hub.



For nodes that still exist, they return to the Cisco Spark Control Hub list when the next heartbeat connection is established.