Mentioning Users in Chat Rooms

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When other users mention your username, it creates a notification in    the     My mentions section of your chat room filters.    Mentioning other users notifies them that they were mentioned in a chat room.   

Before You Begin



Users only receive a notification if the chat room is public and the    user is part of the organization, or they are a member of the chat room.  


Mentions must be enabled by your system administrator.

1    To create a mention for another user, click the @ button in the chat window tray. You can also enter the @ symbol in the chat window. An inline contact search box displays.
2    In the search box, enter the name of the person that you want to mention. The client displays user names that match what you are typing.    
3    Select the username that you want to mention. You can mention a     username that does not have a Jabber ID associated with it. You can use the @     symbol as part of your text entry.    
4    Use the      Esc key to exit the mention field.

After you send the   message, a notification is created for the mentioned user in their    My mentions list, with a link to the conversation   in the room where the mention was made.