Control Far-End Cameras

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User Guide for Cisco Jabber Windows 11.9 | User Guide | Calls | Control Far-End Cameras  

In calls that support far-end camera control, you can adjust the far-end camera to give you a better view during video calls or you can control the conference layout of cameras. A Show Far End Camera Control icon is displayed in your call if the far-end camera is enabled for control. When you select the icon, depending on the way that the call is connected, you can either use it to move the far-end camera or change the conference layout of video screens.

If you call a unit or person directly that has a device with a controllable camera, you can control the far-end camera even if multiple people call into that device at one time. However, if you call a Cisco bridge, then you can only control the conference layout by selecting how you want the various cameras to be displayed on your conference call.

Before You Begin


This feature is available to you if the system you are calling supports it, and if your administrator has enabled it for you. You also need to be in softphone mode, which means you've selected Use my computer for calls in your hub window.

1    After you have started a video call, select the Show Far End Camera Control icon.
2    Use the pan, tilt, and zoom button to control the call.
  • For direct calls to devices, use the controls to pan the camera left or right, tilt the camera up or down, and zoom the camera in and out.
  • For calls to bridges, use the controls to select the conference layout that you want to use.

You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts to manually control the camera:

Tilt up

Up arrow key

Tilt down

Down arrow key

Pan left

Left arrow key

Pan right

Right arrow key

Zoom in

Plus sign (Shift + Equal key)

Zoom out

Minus sign key