Spaces in Hyperlinks

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User Guide for Cisco Jabber Windows 11.9 | User Guide | Troubleshooting | Spaces in Hyperlinks

If you want to paste a link into your chat window and the link has spaces in it (as for network locations), then you need to add angled brackets to the start and end of the hyperlink to ensure the whole link is clickable, otherwise only the initial string of characters up to the first space is included in the clickable link.

For example, you want to send your colleague the network location to a file. If you just send your colleague the location without angled brackets, it appears as follows: \\network_home\Public\user\11.0\ ADAM MCKENZIE. If you enclose the link in angled brackets, the whole string is displayed as a clickable link: <\\network_home\Public\user\11.0\ ADAM MCKENZIE>.