Send a Broadcast Message

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User Guide for Cisco Jabber Windows 11.9 | User Guide | Chats | Send a Broadcast Message  


Broadcast IMs allow you to send a single IM to multiple contacts. You can select multiple contacts or a group of contacts from your contact list and send a broadcast message to them all at once. Recipients receive broadcast IMs in the same way as normal 1:1 chats.


1    From your contact list, select all the contacts that you want to IM.   

If you want to send a message to an entire group, select the header for the contact group.

2    Right-click on the selected contacts and click Send broadcast message. The Send Broadcast Message dialog displays.
3    Enter your message in the text box.   

If you want to add more people to the broadcast message, you can search for them in the To field and add them.

4    Click Send.