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User Guide for Cisco Jabber Windows 11.9 | User Guide | Chats | Chat Rooms | Filter Chat Rooms  


You can create    notifications in chat rooms that tell you whenever a key word is used, or a    certain user makes a comment, or your username is mentioned. These    notifications are based on filters. Filters search chat room using the criteria    that you define for the search. So after you create a filter, then you get    notified about any conversations that happen in the chat rooms that match your    filter criteria. You see a red notification on the hub window which displays    the number of new matches found for your filter. Filters can include mentions    when your username is used in a chat room, or custom filters that search by    keyword or sender.   


1    In the client,     select      Chat      Rooms > Filters, then select      Create     Filter.    
2    Give the     filter a label and then define the filter criteria. You can filter chat rooms     using up to three keywords or by username. You must define at least one keyword     or the username of the sender, but you can specify the sender and up to three     keywords.    
3    Select      Create.     Results     are listed on the      Filter tab, with a number to indicate how many     results were found that you have not read. Results are updated automatically     each time a new match for your filter is made. When you have matches on your     filter, you can click on the filter match to open the chat history in the rooms     where the matches were found.