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User Guide for Cisco Jabber Windows 11.9 | User Guide | Chats | Chat Rooms | Search Chat Rooms  


You can search chat rooms by keywords, and further refine your keyword    search with criteria such as participants, room name, and date range.   

Before You Begin



You must be a member of the chat rooms for your search to be    completed.  


1    In the client window, select the      Chat Rooms icon, then select the      Filters tab.   
2    Enter search criteria in a     search box, just like you search for contacts in your Cisco Jabber hub window.     The following restrictions apply to chat room searches:         

    The search includes the period from when you joined a chat       room until the present day.     



    The search does not work for special characters, unless you       add letters to the search string as well.     


3    Double click on a result to open the persistent chat room where     the search got a match.    

Results are sorted   chronologically and grouped by room. The maximum number of results displayed is   200, although you can show more messages to display older results.