Forward Voicemails

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User Guide for Cisco Jabber Windows 11.9 | User Guide | Calls | Forward Voicemails  


You can forward a voice message in your Voice Messages tab to one or more of your contacts. You can also choose to record your own message to send along with the forwarded voicemail. You can listen to your recorded message and re-record your message if you want.


Recipients receive the forwarded voice message into their Voice Messages tab and it appears as a regular new voice message with the name of the contact who sent it and the “FW:” identifier. After clicking the Play button, your message is played first, followed by the original voicemail.


Your system administrator must enable voicemail forwarding.


1    Right-click on a voicemail in the Voice Messages tab.
2    Click Forward voice message. The Forward voice message dialog displays.
3    (Optional) If you want to record your own message to send along with the voicemail, click Record. You can play back your message and record it again if you want.
4    In the search box, search for the contacts to whom you want to forward the voicemail. You can forward voicemails to multiple contacts.
5    Click Send.