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User Guide for Cisco Jabber Windows 11.9 | User Guide | Chats | Start Group Chats

You can use group chats to send instant messages to two or more contacts at the same time. Group chats are not persistent, meaning that you can use them to create a chat with two or more people but no history is stored.

Select one or several participants to invite to the group chat. The maximum number of participants in a group chat is 100.
  • Open a chat window with one participant of the group chat. Click the Add participants button in the bottom right corner of the chat window and specify other participants.
  • On your Contacts list, select everybody that you want to invite to the group chat. Right-click over the selected names and select Start a group chat.
  • On your Contacts list, hover over a group name and click the group chat icon to start a group chat with all of the available participants in the group.
  • Select multiple contacts from the Contacts or Chats tab and click the group chat icon that displays when you hover over any of the selected contacts.
  • For existing 1:1 chats, drag a contact from the Contacts tab into the message content area or the participant list area.

After you select participants and click to start the group chat, a list of recent contacts (maximum 20 contacts) is displayed. The suggested participants list is cleared every time you sign out of Cisco Jabber.