Troubleshooting Cisco Jabber for Windows

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Unable to Access Features

If there is an issue with a feature, for example, you cannot access your voice messages, you may have an issue with your connection status.

Step 1 In the client, select the Menu icon, then Help > Show connection status.
Step 2 For each server listed, verify that the status displayed is Connected.
Step 3 If any servers are not listed with a Connected status, select Options to verify the account settings. The Accounts tab opens.
Step 4 Check that your username is correct and re-enter your system credentials and select Apply.
Step 5 If the problem persists, select the Advanced option to see your server addresses, and then report the problem with your server information to your system administrator.

Set Video Preferences for Calls

If you see an incoming video call and you don't want to show your video for the call, you can change the setting to answer calls with video. Or if you notice that no video is being shown, you can choose to show your video when you answer calls.

Step 1 From the client, select the Menu icon, then File > Options > Calls.
Step 2 Select your preference to Always start calls with video or Never start calls with video.

You can always change these preferences. So to turn off video for just one call or one day, select Never start calls with video. Then you can change that preference later when you want to make video calls.

Step 3 Select Apply then OK.

Change My Profile Picture

If you are not displaying a profile picture, or you want to change the picture you are using, you can add or change your profile picture. However, this option is only available to organizations using cloud deployments. If you don't have the Edit my profile option, then you cannot change your profile picture.

Step 1 From the client, select the Menu icon, then File > Edit my profile.
Step 2 Select the icon under your profile picture to browse to the picture you want to upload.
Step 3 Select the picture and select Open.

Spaces in Hyperlinks

If you want to paste a link into your chat window and the link has spaces in it (as for network locations), then you need to add angled brackets to the start and end of the hyperlink to ensure the whole link is clickable, otherwise only the initial string of characters up to the first space is included in the clickable link.

For example, you want to send your colleague the network location to a file. If you just send your colleague the location without angled brackets, it appears as follows: \\network_home\Public\user\11.0\ ADAM MCKENZIE. If you enclose the link in angled brackets, the whole string is displayed as a clickable link: <\\network_home\Public\user\11.0\ ADAM MCKENZIE>.