Meetings in Cisco Jabber for Windows

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Add Meeting Accounts

You can add Cisco WebEx sites to Cisco Jabber to start, join, and manage online conferences.

Step 1Select File > Options.
Step 2When the Options window opens, select the Meetings tab, then Edit account.
Step 3From the WebEx Site drop-down list, select New Site.
Step 4Enter all of the required information, including the name of the Cisco WebEx site that you want to add to your Cisco Jabber client, for example,

Conferencing Options

If you want to talk or meet with several people, you can easily create spaces for your meeting using one of the conferencing options.

Create a Conference Call Using my Personal Room

Before You Begin

Ensure Use Personal Room for all my instant meetings is selected in your Meet Now settings on Cisco WebEx.

Step 1Select one or more contacts from your Contacts list.
Step 2Right-click over the selected contacts, and from the menu, select Meet Now. You are connected to your personal room and your contacts are sent an invitation to join your conference call.

Escalate to a Collaboration Meeting Room

You can choose to create a conference call from your group chat using Cisco Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR).

Step 1Ensure that the option to Use my bridge for conference call is not selected.

You can check your selection by selecting the Menu icon, then File > Options > Calls > Use my bridge for conference calls.

Step 2When you are in a group chat with participants, select the Call icon.

You are connected into the conference call and your group chat participants are sent an invitation to enter the meeting using either a video link or using Cisco WebEx.

Create Conference Calls Using My Bridge

Before You Begin

Configure your bridge information.

Step 1In the group chat window, select the call icon to start a conference call.
Step 2You are connected into your bridge. The other group chat members are sent an invitation to join your conference call.

Configure Bridge Information

You use bridge information to specify the call details that are sent to users in an invitation when you create conference calls.

Step 1Select the Menu icon, then select File > Options.
Step 2In the Options window that opens, select the Calls tab.
Step 3Select the option to Use my number to make conference calls.
Step 4Enter a number or URI to use for your bridge.
Step 5(Optional)If you want your bridge to be password protected, specify a Host PIN and Guest PIN.
Step 6Select Apply then OK.