Keyboard Shortcuts in Cisco Jabber for Windows

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Global Shortcuts

OperationKeyboard Shortcut

Access the docked window

To show the docked window:
  1. Open the main Cisco Jabber window.

  2. Select View > Show docked window.

CTRL + Shift + ?
Open the context menuMenu key

Shift + F10

Incoming Calls

OperationKeyboard Shortcut
Answer callsCTRL + L
Decline callsCTRL + D
Reply to calls with chatCTRL + R

Active Calls

OperationKeyboard Shortcut
End callsCTRL + K
Enter or exit full screen modeCTRL + SHIFT + F
Show or hide self-view videoCTRL + SHIFT + B
Mute or unmute your audioCTRL + Down Arrow
Start or stop videoCTRL + SHIFT + V
Dock or undock the call windowCTRL + ALT + P
Hold or resume callsCTRL + SHIFT + H
Open or close the keypadCTRL + SHIFT + K
Tip���Enter numbers on the keypad with your keyboard.
Increase volumeCTRL + SHIFT + Up Arrow
Decrease volumeCTRL + SHIFT + Down Arrow
Open or close the More menuCTRL + SHIFT + Plus
Open the Merge menu when calls are on holdCTRL + M
Transfer a callCTRL + SHIFT + T
Start a conference callCTRL + SHIFT + C

Instant Messages

OperationKeyboard Shortcut
Bold fontCTRL + B
Italic fontCTRL + I
UnderlineCTRL + U
CopyCTRL + C
PasteCTRL + V
UndoCTRL + Z
RedoCTRL + Y

Screen Captures

To take screen captures with your keyboard, do the following:
  1. Use the Tab key to navigate to the Send a screen capture control on the Conversations window.

  2. Press and hold the Space bar.

  3. Use the arrow keys to highlight the region of the screen you want to capture.

  4. Press the Space bar to take the screen capture.