Meeting Center: Using Video in Your Meetings (WBS30)

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If the host or presenter enables it, participants can view video from the presenter’s webcam and send video from their own webcams. When enabled, all participants can view the video even if they do not have a webcam installed on their computer.


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Setting Meeting Video Options

From the Advanced Scheduler, the host can enable or disable video and select high-quality or high-definition video if enabled for the site.


To set video options:

  1. Open the Meeting Center Advanced Scheduler.
  2. On the right navigation bar, select Meeting Options.
  3. Select the Video checkbox to enable or disable video.
  4. Select Turn on high-quality video and Turn on high-definition video, if the checkboxes are available.

Meeting Options.png


During the meeting, the presenter can enable or disable video, as well as enable video thumbnails.


To enable or disable video during a meeting:

  1. Select Meeting > Options... from the menu bar.
  2. Select the Video checkbox to enable or disable video.

In-meeting Video Options Settings.png


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Share Video

When video is enabled, you can start and stop sending video from your webcam at any time during the meeting.


To select video options when you join a meeting:

When the meeting begins, you will be asked if you want to start your video. You can also choose one of the following:

  • Click Start my video in all meetings to have your video start automatically in each meeting you attend
  • Click X in the upper right corner to close the prompt without starting your video


To start your video during a meeting:

If video is enabled for the meeting, you can start your video at any time.

  1. If the Participants panel is not displayed, click the Participants icon.
  2. Click the video (camera) icon.

Participants Panel with 2 people.png


Your video appears at the top of the Participants panel, and the video icon turns green. When a meeting participant speaks, you will see their video here.


You can control your video settings, and switch between cameras connected to your computer.


To change video options:

  1. Click Video Options (the gear icon). The Video Options dialog appears.
  2. Select another camera connected to your computer, or click Advanced Options to change settings for the selected camera.


As participants join the meeting and start their video, their video will appear in either list-view or thumbnail view. Up to six thumbnail images can be displayed in the Participants panel. If there are more than six participants sharing video, scroll down to see additional thumbnails.


To change video display:

  • Click View on the menu bar, then select Video View.


  • Click one of these icons (visible when you move your cursor over the video panel):


Video List View.pngShow participants' video in list view.
Video Thumbnail View.pngShow participants' video in thumbnail view.
Video Full Screen mode icon.pngShow a selected participant's video in full-screen view.


To enter and leave full-screen video mode:

Do one of the following to enter full-screen video:

  • Double-click the active-speaker video.
  • Right-click the active-speaker video, then select Expand to Full-Screen View.


To exit full-screen video mode:

  • Click Exit Full-Screen View in the upper right corner of your screen while the video is displayed in full-screen mode.


You can stop sharing your video at any time, while continuing to view other participants’ video.


To stop sharing video:

  • Click Video  (the camera icon). Your video sharing stops, and the video icon turns gray.


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Lock Video Focus

The presenter can lock the video focus on a particular participant from standard view or from full-screen mode. This option is not available to participants.


To lock video focus:

  1. Move your mouse onto the active speaker’s video, then click the Lock icon in the lower left corner. The Lock Focus on a Participant dialog appears.
  2. Click A specific participant, select a participant in the list, then click OK.

Lock Focus on a Participant Dialog FULL.png


Video is locked on the selected participant until you unlock video, or lock video on another participant.


To unlock video:

  1. Double click the participant’s name in the active speaker video image. The Lock Focus on a Participant dialog appears.
  2. Select The active speaker.
  3. Click OK.


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