Meeting Center: Host or Join a Personal Room Meeting from a Browser (WBS30)

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Your Personal Room

Your Personal Room is an always-available WebEx meeting that belongs to you, with a web address that never changes, enabling your colleagues to easily find your meetings. Your Personal Room address is unique to you, containing your company's name and your name..


Your Personal Room also provides you with a virtual waiting room, or lobby. This is where attendees wait if they try to join a meeting that has not started, or if you have locked your Personal Room after the meeting begins.


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Start a Meeting as a Host

You can start a meeting in your Personal Room by either going directly to the web address, or by first logging into Meeting Center.


To start a meeting using your Personal Room address:

1. Enter the web address for your personal room (for example:

        2. If you are prompted to log in, enter your username and password



      3. Click Join. The meeting starts and the Quick Start page opens.



To start a meeting after logging into Meeting Center:

      1. Log in to your Meeting Center site.

      2. On the left navigation bar under Host a Meeting, click My Personal Room. Your Personal Room page appears.


      3. Click Enter Room. The meeting starts and Quick Start page opens.    


Once the meeting starts, all participants in the lobby are moved into the session. If you lock the Personal Room after the meeting starts, you will be notified that participants are waiting to join. You can then choose to allow them into the Personal Room. You can also click Invite & Remind to let people know that the meeting has started.


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Interact During the Meeting

You can connect to the audio conference with a telephone, or with a computer through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).


To join the audio conference:

After you join or start a meeting, click the audio panel to select the method you will use. Or, click the three dots to display additional choices. The dots change to More.

Audio connection options when you join a meeting.


Previously used connection method and phone number.

Call me at with number with border.png


To connect to the audio:


Call Me
  1. Select the check box Remember phone number on this computer if you would like to store this number for future meetings
  2. Click Call Me. You will receive a call and may be prompted to press 1 to connect.
Note: You cannot receive a call-back if your organization uses extension numbers; instead, you can call in to the conference directly.
I Will Call In
  1. Dial the phone number listed, enter the meeting access code, and enter your attendee ID #.
  2. Close the window.
Call Using Computer
  1. Click Call Using Computer. You are connected to the audio conference.
  2. Test and adjust your speaker and microphone settings as needed.


The icons indicate which method you are using for the audio connection.


Connected to audio with phone.pngConnected by phoneConnected with computer.pngConnected by computer



The Participants panel allows hosts and participants to manage their audio and communicate effectively during the meeting.


To manage audio:

  • Icons next to participants' names indicate if the connection is by phone, computer, video device, or mobile device.
  • Headset icons identify participants connected through their computers.
  • A red “x” and a highlighted microphone icon identify muted participants.
  • Sound waves indicate an “active talker” or a connection that is producing noise.
  • The microphone icon mutes enables you to mute or unmute your audio.

Hosts can mute audio by clicking the microphone icon for a selected participant. Both hosts and participants can also mute their own audio at any time.


To use video:

If your computer's camera is detected and you want to share your video, click Start My Video when you are prompted. You can also start your video later by clicking the camera icon in the Participants panel.


To record a meeting:

The host can record the meeting, and then review it later or share it with others.

  • To start recording: Select the Quick Start page, then click Record. The Recorder panel opens below the Participants panel and recording begins.

Recorder panel.png

  • Use the pause and stop buttons to control the recording.


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Share Content

You can access all options for sharing content during your meeting from the Share menu. Or, from the sharing pane on the Quick Start page, you can click the large button to access your most recently used sharing option, and click the dots at the bottom to launch one of the other common sharing tools. For additional information on sharing, see Meeting Center: Sharing and Presenting Tools.


Share menu.pngshare button.png


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Invite Attendees to Your Meeting Room

There are several ways by which you can invite people to your meeting room. You can call them on the phone or text them your Personal Room address. They can also bookmark your Personal Room page and use it at any time.


If you have not already invited people to a meeting, you can invite them directly from your Personal Room. If you are not in your Personal Room, participants who attempt to enter the meeting are placed in the lobby, or a virtual waiting room.


To send Invitations from the Personal Room Page:

      1. On your page, click Invite. The Invite dialog box appears.

Invite Dialog from PR Page with Live email button.png

      2. Enter email addresses of people to invite, and click Invite by Email. Select the "Send me a copy of the invitation" checkbox to receive an email you can forward to others.

          Select the information under "Copy and share" and provide it to invitees in a text message or chat, or paste it into an emailed meeting invitation.


To send Invitations from your Personal Room:

      1. Enter your Personal Room. The Quick Start page opens.  


2. Click Invite & Remind. The Invite & Remind dialog box appears.

Invite to Meeting Dialog Box.png


3. Click a tab at the top of the dialog to select how to invite someone.

4. Click Remind to send a note to someone who has already been invited.


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Admit Attendees from the Lobby

You will be notified when people are waiting in the lobby after the meeting starts. You can admit individuals or the entire group.


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Join a Meeting as an Attendee

You join a meeting in a host's Personal Room by either going directly to the Personal Room (if you already have the address), or by clicking a link provided to you in an invitation or given to you by the host.


To join a meeting:

      1. Go to the host's Personal Room, or click the link provided in the meeting invitation. The host's Personal Room page appears.


2. Enter your name and email address, then click Join.

          If it has started, you will join the meeting.

  If the meeting room is locked or if the meeting has not yet started, you will remain in the lobby until the host allows you in or the meeting begins.


Waiting for Host to Start the MeetingWaiting in the Lobby when the Room is Locked

Click Notify Host to send an email to the host, letting them know you are waiting.


The host is notified that you are waiting to be admitted.


3. After you enter the room, choose your audio connection. You can use your computer, call in, or receive a call back. 

4. If you want to share your video, click Start My Video.


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