Configure Remote Support Options for Your Site

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This procedure is for Remote Support only.

You can create and save frequently used messages or questions for Remote Support agents to use during customer chat sessions. You can create sentence groups, which can be associated with specific agents or queues.

Step 1               Select Configuration > Common Site Settings > Options.
Step 2               In the Chat Preferences section, select the Chat Phrase Library link.
Step 3               Create frequently used sentences and groups.
Step 4               Associate sentence groups with agents and queues.

Create Frequently Used Sentences and Groups

You can create a group of frequently used sentences that an agent can use during a remote support session. You can add new groups or sentences at any time.

Step 1               To add new groups, select Add New Group.
Step 2               On the Group & Sentences tab, enter a group name.
Step 3               To add a sentence group, in the Frequently Used Sentence section, select Add New Sentence.
Step 4               In the Add Frequently Used Sentence window, enter a sentence name.
Step 5               Enter your sentence content into the Sentence field.

You can select variable options from the drop-down menu to enter into your sentence.

Step 6               To copy a frequently used sentence, select Copy from....
Step 7               Select the sentence and edit it to create a new one.
Step 8               Select Save.

Associate Sentence Groups with Agents and Queues

Once you have created frequently used sentence groups, you can associate them with specific agents or with specific remote session queues. Both agents and queues can be assigned multiple frequently used sentence groups.

Step 1               Select the Associated Agents and Queues tab.
Step 2               To select your group to be associated with all agents and queues, select the check box.
Step 3               In the Agents field, highlight the agents that you want to associate with the group, and then select Add.
Step 4               In the Queues field, highlight the queues that you want to associate with the group, and then select Add.
Step 5               Select Save.