Manage Files and Contact Information

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Maintain Contact Information


You can maintain a personal online address book, in which you can add information about contacts and create distribution lists. When scheduling a meeting or starting an instant meeting, you can quickly invite any contacts or distribution lists in your personal address book. You can also invite contacts in the Company Address Book for your WebEx site, if one is available.

1    Select My WebEx > My Contacts.
2    In the View list, select Personal Contacts.
3    Add contacts to your personal address book in the following ways:

    Select Add Contact to specify information about contacts one at a time.


    Select Import to import contact information () from a comma-separated or tab-delimited values file (.csv).

4    Edit or delete the information about any contact or distribution list in your personal address book.
5    Enter text in the Search for field and select Search to search for contacts in your personal address book.
6    Create a distribution list () in your address book.
7    To delete contacts, select one or more contacts and then select Delete.

Import Contact Information in a File to Your Address Book


You can add information about multiple contacts simultaneously to your personal address book, by importing a comma-separated or tab-delimited values file (.csv). You can export information from many spreadsheet and email programs in CSV format.

1    Generate a .csv file from the application you want to import from, or export a .csv file () from your WebEx Contacts page and then edit it to add more contacts in that format.
2    Select My WebEx > My Contacts.
3    In the View list, select Personal Contacts.
4    In the Import From list, select Comma- or Tab-Delimited Files.
5    Select Import.
6    Select the .csv file in which you added new contact information.
7    Select Open.
8    Select Upload File.   

The View Personal Contacts page appears, allowing you to review the contact information you are importing.

9    Select Submit.   

A confirmation message appears.

10    Select Yes.
11    If an error exists in any new or updated contact information, a message appears, informing you that no contact information was imported.

Export Contact Information to a .csv File


You can save your contact information as a CSV file to import it into another application, or to generate a CSV file template that you can then use to add contact information and then import it later. See .




If you add a new contact, ensure that the UID field is blank.

1    Select My WebEx > My Contacts.
2    In the View list, select Personal Contacts.
3    Select Export.
4    Save the .csv file to your computer.
5    Open the .csv file that you saved in a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel.
6    (Optional) If contact information exists in the file, you can delete it.
7    Specify information about the new contacts in the .csv file.
8    Save the .csv file. 

Create a Distribution List in Your Address Book


You can create distribution lists for your personal address book. A distribution list includes two or more contacts for which you provide a common name and appears in your Personal Contacts list. For example, you can create a distribution list named Sales Department, which includes contacts who are members of your Sales Department. If you want to invite members of the department to an event, you can select the group rather than each member individually.

1    Select My WebEx > My Contacts > Add Distribution List.
2    Enter a name and description for the group.
3    Under Members, locate your contacts by searching, selecting the letter that corresponds to the contact's first name, or selecting All to list all contacts in your Personal Contacts list.
4    To add a new contact, select Add Contact.
5    In the box on the left, select the contacts that you want to add to the distribution list and select Add.
6    After you finish adding contacts to the distribution list, select Add to create the list.   

In your Personal Contacts list, the Distribution List indicator appears to the left of the new distribution list. You can select the list name to edit it.


Manage Files in Your Personal Folders


Your user account includes personal storage space for files on your WebEx site. These files are stored in My WebEx > My Files > My Documents page. Your site administrator determines the amount of space available for storing files. If you require more disk space, contact your site administrator.

1    Go to My WebEx > My Files > My Documents.
2    Under Action, select the Create Folder button to create a new folder. You can enter a name and a description for the folder.
3    Under Action, select the Upload button to upload one or more files to a selected folder.   

You can upload up to three files at a time.

4    Under Action, select the Download button to download a selected file.   

Follow any instructions that your web browser or operating system provides to download the file.

5    To edit a folder or file, select it and then select the Edit Folder or Edit File button.   

For folders, you can specify the following properties:


    Name and description



    Read and write access



    Password protection


6    If you want to search for a specific file or folder, in the Search For box, type all or part of the file's name or description, and then select Search.
7    Use the Move and Copy commands to move or copy a selected file or folder to a different folder.