Known Issues with Hybrid Calendar Service

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  • If you deregister the calendar connector, or deactivate it if it's the only hybrid service on the Expressway, the Expressway can get into an error state where hybrid service connectors will not register, configuration changes do not propagate, or other problems occur. The workaround is to reboot the Expressway and reregister the connector.

  • @spark scheduling currently supports a maximum of 50 meeting participants.

  • If you add @spark or @webex to a single instance of a recurring meeting series, the meeting join details are not updated. As a workaround, add @spark or @webex to the entire meeting series.

  • In some versions of Microsoft Outlook 2016, after changing a single instance of a recurrent scheduled meeting where @spark or @webex is in the location field, the body text and join links might disappear.

    • If possible, upgrade to the latest version of Outlook.

    • If you cannot upgrade, delete and reschedule the affected instance.

    • The other instances of the meeting series should be unaffected.

  • One Button to Push (OBTP) is not supported for 1-to-1 @spark meetings.

  • Calendar Connector supports a maximum of two Expressway instances per organization; see the setup prerequisites for more information.

  • Expressway does not yet support using digest authentication for HTTP proxy connections to the Cisco Collaboration Cloud. Proxy connections must use basic authentication or no username and password.

  • Users may see multiple meeting invitations in their Outlook inbox when receiving @webex or @spark meetings. As a workaround, check the following checkboxes in the Microsoft Outlook Web app under Settings > Calendar > Automatic Processing:

    • Delete meeting requests and responses that have been updated

    • Automatically process requests and responses frome external senders

    These settings are available only in the web app, but the above changes apply to all Outlook clients.

  • You cannot search in to return the set of users who have hybrid calendar service turned on or off.

  • @spark scheduling does not currently handle distribution lists. Individual members of the distribution list still receive the meeting invitation with details on joining the Cisco Spark space, but are not automatically added to the Cisco Spark space. As a workaround, the meeting organizer can expand the mailer on the TO line before sending the invite. That way, each user is individually added to the Cisco Spark space.

  • Attachments that users add to meeting invites with @spark are not added to the corresponding Cisco Spark space.

  • Hybrid Calendar Service does not add WebEx details if the meeting invitation already contains WebEx join links (for example, added with Productivity Tools or manually by the meeting organizer). The meeting organizer can manually delete any previously added join links so that Hybrid Calendar Service can add the new join links.

  • Hybrid Calendar Service does not automatically add meeting join information to a meeting that's scheduled in the past.