Host a Meeting - Quick Reference Tasks

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The Meeting window lets you do the following:

  • Manage all aspects of the meetings.

  • Enable participants to chat, send video, share information, and interact with each other using documents, presentations, whiteboards, applications, and more.


If you are hosting a meeting that includes TelePresence systems, the following WebEx features are unavailable:

  • Polling

  • File Transfer

  • Chat (with TelePresence room participants)



Invite people to a meeting in progress

From the Quick Start tab, select Invite and Remind, and enter the requested information.

Turn off participant entry and exit beeps and tones

Select Participant > Entry and Exit Tone.

Mute participant microphones

  • To mute everyone as they join the meeting, select Participant > Mute on Entry.

  • To mute or unmute everyone but you, select Participant > Mute All.

  • To mute someone specifically, select Participant > Mute or Unmute.

Edit a welcome message

Select Meeting > Welcome Message.

Record your meeting

Select Record.

Tip   Pause and resume the recording as necessary, rather than stopping and restarting recording, to avoid creating multiple recording files.

Rename a call-in user

Right-click the name in the Participants list and select Rename.

Edit sound alerts

Right-click the Participants title and select Sound Alerts.

Edit the sound that plays when someone enters a chat message

Right-click the Chat title and select Sound Alerts.

Grant or remove privileges

Select Participant > Assign Privileges, and then check or uncheck the appropriate option.

Make someone else the presenter

Drag the WebEx ball to the next presenter.

Make someone else the host

Right-click the name or thumbnail and select Change Role to > Host.

Reclaim the host role

Select your name in the Participant list, then select Participant > Reclaim Host Role, and enter the requested information.

Remove a participant from a meeting

Right-click the name in the Participants list and select Expel.

Restrict access to a meeting

Select Meeting > Restrict Access.

Note   This option prevents anyone from joining the meeting, including those who were invited but haven't joined yet.

Restore access to a meeting

Select Meeting > Restore Access.

Get information about a meeting in progress

Select Meeting > Information.

Leave a meeting

Select File > Leave Meeting.

End a meeting

Select File > End Meeting.

Send a meeting transcript email

Select File > Send Transcript, enter the requested information, and send the email.


If you saved them during the meeting, you can also attach:

  • Shared documents

  • Chat

  • Poll questionnaire

  • Poll results

  • Public notes or closed captions taken or published during the meeting.

The transcript is sent to all participants who provided their email addresses when joining.

Audio-only participants are not listed on the transcript.