Manage Meeting Templates

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If you meet with the same group of people and often schedule a meeting with the same tracking codes, audio settings, and other meeting options, you can save these settings in a template. Later, when it is time to schedule another meeting, you can select that template from any page on the Quick Scheduler or Advanced Scheduler.

You have three ways to use an existing meeting template:

  • Use the template without saving any changes to it

  • Make changes to the template settings and save the changes in the template

  • Make changes to the template settings and save them in a new template

Step 1    Log in to your WebEx site.
Step 2    Go to Host a Meeting > Schedule a Meeting.
Step 3    Select the template you want to use in the Set options using template list.
Step 4    (Optional) Make changes to the settings on any page.
Step 5    (Optional) To save your template, select Save as Template. You see a list of templates
Step 6    Overwrite the template or save it as a new:
  • To overwrite the template with your changes, select the template you want to overwrite and then select Save.
  • To save your changes in a new template, in the Template Name box, type a name for this new template and then select Save.
Step 7    Complete scheduling your meeting as you normally would.