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Active Users

An active user is defined as someone who has made or received a call using a device, or has used the Cisco Spark app. In this report, you can compare the total number of registered users to the number of active users in the selected customer organization for the selected time.

One of your goals, for example, may be to convert trial customers to paying customers. If you notice that an organization's users aren't using the app as much as expected, you can encourage and enlighten the organization's administrator about how the app can make day-to-day work life easier. The more an organization uses the Cisco Spark services, the more likely they are to either purchase the product for the first time or renew their purchase agreement.

Active User Population by Company

An active user is defined as someone who has made or received a call using a device, or has used the Cisco Spark app. User activity is the basis of measuring engagement. This report allows you to measure how engaged your selected customers are compared to the average engagement across all of your customers.

Registered Endpoints

A registered endpoint is any device that is connected to the network in the selected time. The data presented in this report will help you determine device adoption trends and usage at a high level. If you notice that your customers have not activated their endpoints as expected, you can encourage them. Highlight how easy activation is and how much time is saved using the Cisco Spark services with their endpoints.

Device Media Quality

We grade the quality of audio and video calls as good, fair, or poor. This grade is based on packet loss. At the end of every call, the media quality grade is calculated by measuring received packets versus lost packets:

loss_ratio = (lost_packet_count/lost_packet_count + received_packet_count) x 100

If for any reason a phone doesn't have valid audio to play, packet lost concealment (PLC) fills in the audio gap so it is less noticeable to callers.

Call Metrics

This report displays the total number of calls made and the number of minutes spent on those calls over the selected time. You can also determine the percentage of successful and failed calls for the selected customers.