Edit Your WebEx Preferences

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You can set the following preferences for your WebEx account.

Step 1    Go to My WebEx > Preferences.
Step 2    Select Expand all to expand all sections, or select an individual section to expand it.
Step 3    Specify your preferences in each section:
  • General: Set the time zone, language, and locale to be used for the web pages on your WebEx site. You can also set the default page for each tab.

  • "Meet Now" Settings: Set default options for instant meetings that you start with Meet Now. You can select the default meeting type, meeting template, password, and audio connection options. Depending on your site settings, you can also select whether your instant meetings take place in your Personal Room.

  • Audio: Enter your phone number information and Personal Conferencing information.


    Under My Phone Numbers, enter your phone numbers, and then select more options:


    Call-in authentication: If this option is enabled for your site, it allows you to call in to a meeting without having to enter the meeting number. Checking this option for a phone number in your preferences maps your account to that phone number. This feature is available only for meetings with audio that is enabled for CLI (caller line identification) or ANI (automatic number identification).


    Call Me: If your WebEx site supports the Call Me service, this option allows you to receive a call from the meeting to connect to audio. You can check this option for any phone number in your preferences.


    Audio PIN: Your audio PIN helps prevent others from using your phone number to join a meeting. You may be asked to enter your audio PIN when you call in to a meeting. Your WebEx site settings may require you to specify an audio PIN, especially if you use the Call-in authentication option.


    Under Personal Conferencing, select Generate account to set up to three Personal Conferencing accounts.

    Personal Conferencing accounts include a host access code that you can use to start the audio portion of a Personal Conference meeting. They also include an attendee access code so others can join.

    You can select one of your Personal Conferencing accounts when scheduling a Personal Conference meeting. You can also use one of these accounts to start an instant Personal Conference meeting from any phone, without scheduling it first.


    You can delete a Personal Conferencing account at any time.

  • Video Systems: Add the video addresses for your video conferencing systems that you want to use with WebEx. If your site has enabled this feature, you can receive a call from the meeting to your video system to connect to audio and video.

  • My Personal Room: Specify a unique name and a unique URL, and copy the URL to share with others. Depending on your site settings, you can also specify a different URL for your Personal Room. You can set options to automatically lock the room 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes after you enter, and to receive a notification when someone enters your Personal Room lobby while you are away from your room.

  • Scheduling Templates: Manage scheduling templates that allow you to schedule meetings quickly.

  • Scheduling Options: Set options for deleting completed meetings, the default meeting type, the Quick Start page, and scheduling permission.

  • Support Center: Set the order of tabs that appear on the Support dashboard.

Step 4    Select Save to save your changes.