Accessibility in Cisco Jabber for Windows 11.6

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Screen Reader Support


From release 10.6, Cisco Jabber for Windows supports JAWS 15 or JAWS 16 screen reader on a Windows 7 or 8 operating system.


You must download a script to run JAWS with the client. You can download the scripts and reference guide from the Cisco Jabber software download site. The file you need is called CiscoJabber-JAWs-Scripts.<latest-version>.zip.   


Accessibility Icons

Accessibility icons use symbols to show availability.

To use accessibility icons, select View > Show accessible presence icons.

The following table shows standard and accessible icons:
Standard Icon       Accessibility Icon       Description      





Do Not Disturb




Keyboard Navigation

Press the Tab key and arrow keys to navigate through items on:      

    Main Cisco Jabber window     



    Chat windows     



    Call windows     



    Contact lists     



    Options window         



    Docked window     





    Use arrow keys to access lists and individual components.      



    Use the Tab key to navigate through the general area, and Shift + Tab to navigate backwards.



    Use Ctrl +Tab to navigate through conversation windows when you have multiple conversations going.



    Press Enter to select items on windows or start chats with contacts in your contact list.



Navigate Call Controls

To navigate through call controls on call windows, do the following:   

    Use the Tab key to toggle between call controls.     



    Press the Space or Enter key to open secondary control menus.



    Adjust settings with the arrow keys.



    Press the Esc key to exit secondary control menus.     



Navigate Contact Lists

When you navigate into the contact list with the Tab key, there are groups and contacts. To navigate between groups and contacts,   

    Use the left and right arrows to expand and collapse groups.     



    Use the down arrow to navigate through groups.     



    Use the up and down arrows to navigate through contacts in a group.