Install and Set Up WebEx Productivity Tools for the Mac (WBS30)

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Install WebEx Productivity Tools

If your site administrator has turned on WebEx Productivity Tools options for your WebEx site, all WebEx Productivity Tools are installed automatically on your site. In addition, whenever newer versions are available, WebEx Productivity Tools are updated automatically.

If necessary, you can also download and install WebEx Productivity Tools manually.



If you have a previous version of the Productivity Tools, uninstall that version before installing the new version.


You may also have to close applications such as Microsoft Outlook and any browsers before installing the new version of Productivity Tools. Those applications must be started up again and you may have to sign in before seeing the new interface.

Before You Begin

Before installing WebEx Productivity Tools, ensure that your computer meets the following minimum system requirements:

  • You must have administrator privileges for your computer.


  • Refer to the WebEx cross-platform release notes for supported operating systems, browsers, and other minimum system requirements.


  • JavaScript and cookies enabled in the browser


1    Log in to your WebEx site.   
2    Select the Meeting Center tab.
3    In the left navigation bar, under Support, select Download.
4    On the Meeting Center: Downloads page under Productivity Tools, make sure Mac is selected, and then select Download.      

The File Download dialog box appears.    

5    Save the cwptools.dmg installation file to your computer.
6    Open the cwptools.dmg file, and then open the WebEx Productivity tools.pkg file that appears.
7    When prompted, enter your email address, password, and WebEx site URL.

Set Up Preferences for the Mac

You can set up the preferences for your WebEx integration to Outlook after Productivity Tools are installed.

1    From the Productivity Tools menu in Outlook, select Preferences. The Preferences window opens.
2    You can choose to enable the following:
  • (Optional) Start Productivity Tools when system starts: Automatically starts WebEx Productivity Tools every time you start you computer..
  • (Optional) Schedule or start WebEx meetings from Microsoft Outlook: Allows you to use the WebEx integration to Microsoft Outlook to schedule and start WebEx meetings..
3    To configure the "Meet Now" settings, select Edit.

For more information, see Edit Your WebEx Preferences..

"Meet Now" Settings Tab


Use this option…       


Meeting Information

Meeting Template

Select the template to use for the meeting.

Meeting type

Select the type of WebEx meeting type you want to use for instant meetings. This option lists only the meeting types available for your site and user account.

Use my Personal Room for instant meetings

Select to use your Personal Room for instant meetings by default.

Meeting topic

Enter the topic or name for the meeting.       

Meeting password

Require participants to enter the password you set to join your meeting. Your site may require that all passwords comply with security criteria, such as a minimum length and a minimum number of letters, numbers or special characters.

List on public Calendar

Include this meeting on the meeting calendars on the WebEx service site.       

Available for meetings, sales meetings, and training sessions only.       

Ask for my approval when someone joins

Specify that the Request to Join dialog box appears on your screen when someone tries to join your meeting.

Available for support sessions only.       

Audio Connection

Audio Connection Type

Select the type of teleconference you would like to use:      


None: Specifies that the meeting does not include a teleconference, or the meeting includes a teleconference for which you will provide information for participants using a method other than your meeting service.

WebEx Audio: Specifies that the meeting includes a WebEx audio conference, which allows you to use either your telephone or your computer as your audio device for participating in a meeting. If you select this option, choose one of the following options for WebEx Audio:
  • Display global call-in numbers to attendees: Select if you want to provide a list of numbers—such as toll-free or local numbers—that attendees in other countries can call to connect to audio.


  • Display toll-free number: Select if your site provides a toll-free number and you want to display it so attendees can call it to connect to audio.


  • Entry and exit tone: Select the tone played when an attendee joins or leaves the audio connection.


Other teleconference: Specifies that the meeting includes a teleconference that another service provides. The instructions you type in the text box appear automatically on participants screens once they join the meeting.       

Use VoIP only: Select if you want all participants use VoIP only.


After you start the meeting, participants can choose to use their computer as their audio device, using VoIP, or to use their phone as their audio device.        


A participant must have a direct phone line to receive a call from the teleconferencing service. However, a participant without a direct phone line can join a teleconference by calling a call-in telephone number, which is always available in the Meeting window.


Uninstall WebEx Productivity Tools

1    Select Applications > WebEx > Productivity Tools > Uninstall.

You may be prompted to enter your password.

2    Select OK to continue.
3    Select Yes to confirm.