Room System Settings

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If you want to revisit Cisco Spark Room System settings after the initial set-up, you can find them under System Information.

Navigate to the gearwheel icon on the home screen and select System Information > Settings.

  • Language: Select a language for the user interface.

  • Time Zone: Select your local time zone.

  • Network Connection: Change the IPv4 settings, if the network has not configured those.

  • Microphone Check: Check that the microphone is working. If you are using an external microphone, use this test to find an optimal location for it.

  • Sound Test

  • Default camera preset: Set the default camera position for future calls.

  • Presentation: Test presenting from your computer. You need an extra HDMI or VGA cable for this.

  • Display settings: Adjust display and system settings for correct rendering of video and graphics.

  • Factory settings: Reset your video system to its factory settings, and you lose your current registration. You cannot undo a factory reset. After a factory reset, you need a new activation code to use the room system.

  • Extended logging: Helps diagnose network issues and problems during call setup. While in this mode more information is stored in the log files. Extended logging uses more of the system’s resources, and may cause it to underperform. Only use extended logging mode when you are troubleshooting an issue.

  • Troubleshooting logs: Send troubleshooting logs from your system.

Note: Not all settings are available on all products. Some of the items on this list may or may not be present on your system.