Manage an Established Cisco Spark Service Trial

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Trial Modification and Conversion


    Help your customers adopt the Cisco Spark service further. Direct them to the getting started articles that contain helpful information to help customer administrators add users, select service assignments for users, view reports of service usage, and get support.



    If your customers express an interest in purchasing services from their trial, you can direct them to contact you. You may receive an email if the customer clicked Request Purchase in Cisco Spark Control Hub.


  • If a paid customer is interested in trialing another Cisco Spark service, you can set up a new trial.



Extend a Customer's Cisco Spark Trial

You can extend an existing trial once by 30 days if you need to provide customers with more time to trial Cisco Spark services.

1    From the partner view in, go to Customers, select the customer company name and then click Edit Trial.
2    Use the Duration of the Trial drop-down to extend the trial by 30 days.
3    (Optional)Add additional services to the customer's trial.

Convert a Cisco Spark Trial to a Paid Order

If your customer expressed an interest in purchasing Cisco Spark after trialing the services, you can use Cisco Commerce to convert a customer's trial to a paid order. Customers in the United States can keep any devices that were ordered during the trial and order more, if they want. We retain any usage data from the trial period, as well.


Use this procedure if you're a tier 1 partner who wants to process a trial conversion for a customer. If you're a tier 2 partner, you must contact your distributor to process the trial conversion.

Before You Begin
  • Ensure that you have the customer administrator email address. You must type the email address exactly as it was entered in Cisco Spark Control Hub when you started the trial.


  • If ordering A-SPK



      M1-M3, C1-C3, and add-on offers—Cisco Spark Room Device, WebEx Training Center 200, WebEx Event Center 1000—can all be purchased from the A-SPK offer and be fully converted from the trial.



      For M3 or C3, you must enter the trial site URL as the WebEx URL in the order. Without this information, the trial WebEx site cannot be converted to a paid site. We recommend that you order through the A-SPK offer to have the customer's trial fully converted.


  • If ordering A-WX



      Orders that you place under the A-WX offer will convert the Cisco Spark portion. However, the WebEx portion of the order will not be converted. Instead, a new WebEx site is created, which is managed on a different identity system and on WebEx Site Administration. All Cisco Spark business messaging, basic meetings, and Room Systems usage data during the trial will be retained; all trial WebEx content and settings will be lost. The WebEx site URL used in the trial cannot be used if the purchased is placed during the trial.



      If you must use same WebEx site URL to place the order under A-WX, we recommend that you file a ticket with to remove the WebEx trial site. Alternatively, you can wait until 30 days after the trial expires and free up the site URL for reuse at that time.


  • See the Cisco Spark A-SPK and WebEx A-WX Offers overview for more information.


1    (Optional)If the trial you're converting includes endpoints, contact us for further instructions before you proceed.
2    Sign in to Cisco Commerce with your partner credentials, and then select Order > Create Order.
3    Enter the deal identification number of the trial.
4    Under Management Portal access, enter the email address of the trial customer administrator.

If you mistype the email or enter a different address, the trial won't convert properly and may create another Cisco Spark management domain.

Trial Ending and Grace Period


    We recommend that you contact the customer before the trial ends to ensure there are no interruptions in service.



      Each customer administrator receives an email 7 days before the trial expiration date, and again on the trial expiration date. These emails have a link that leads to the Purchase button on the Cisco Spark Control Hub subscription page. The customer administrator also sees Expired tags on their licenses on their Control Hub overview page.



      You and any other partner administrators receive an email 7 days before the trial expiration date, and on the trial expiration date. Your customer list contains details about which trial services are expiring and how many days are left until the trial expires.



      Users receive an email 30 days after trial expiration, indicating they don’t have access to those trial services anymore.



    If the trial expires, there is a grace period of 30 days. During that time, the expired trial can be converted to a paid service.



    If this conversion does not occur within the grace period, then the customer organization disappears and the users are moved to the free consumer organization. After the grace period ends, you and the customer administrator can't recover licenses, WebEx site URL, admin roles, Cisco Spark Calling configuration, or move users back into the customer organization. This process cannot be reversed.



    For trials that include Cisco Spark Calling, call functionality stops working after the 30-day grace period, but phone numbers are retained for another 15 days.



View the Status of Shipped Endpoints for a Trial

You can track the status of any endpoints you included for the Try and Buy trial. The endpoint shipping email with "Status Shipped" in the subject line contains a carrier tracking number.

1    Open the email with the "Status Shipped" subject line.
2    On the Tracking Information line, locate the shipment tracking number. Copy it or save it in a text file.
3    Open your shipping carrier, depending on your region:

RMAs for Cisco Spark Endpoints


Each endpoint is shipped out with a return label in the box. If customers want to return endpoints that were a part of their trial, they need to retain the original packaging, affix the return label, and call for a carrier pickup. From there, we process the RMA (return merchandise authorization).


If the customer lost the original RMA labels and packaging, you can contact partner help to have new labels printed and mailed.