Conference Calls in Cisco Jabber for Mac 11.7

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Configure Bridge Information

You can specify an alternative number to use for your conference calls.

Step 1    Select Jabber > System Preferences. The preferences window opens.
Step 2    Select the Calls tab.
Step 3    Select the General tab.
Step 4    Select Use my conference service option.
Step 5    Enter the number or the URI for your bridge.

If your administrator has added a bridge pattern you won't be able to edit this field.

Step 6    (Optional)Enter a Host PIN.
Step 7    (Optional)Enter a Guest PIN.

Create a Conference Call

You can quickly start a conference call with two or more contacts.
Before You Begin

Ensure that Use my conference service is selected in the Calls Preferences window.

Step 1    To create a conference call, you can choose one of the following:
  • Select two or more contacts in your contact list and choose the call icon.
  • Select the header of your contact group and choose the call icon
Step 2    In the Invite to Conference window, enter any additional people you want to invite.
Step 3    Update the topic for the group chat.
Step 4    Choose any additional peopble from the Recent Contacts list.
Step 5    Select Invite.

Create Ad-hoc Conference Call

You can create an ad-hoc conference with your contacts, simply merge your calls to create a conference call.

Step 1    Start a call with your first contact.
Step 2    Start a second call with another contact, the first call is automatically put on hold.
Step 3    Select More > Merge and the two calls are merged into a conference call.