Meetings in Cisco Jabber for Mac

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Add Meeting Accounts


You can add Cisco WebEx sites to Cisco Jabber to quickly start, join, and manage online conferences.


In cloud-based deployments, you cannot add a meeting site that is configured for SSO, this site must be created in the Cisco WebEx Administration      Tool.

Step 1        Select Jabber > Preferences > Meetings.
Note       Sites that are provisioned by your administrator cannot be edited or deleted.
Step 2    Select the Meeting Site drop-down list.
Step 3    Select Edit Meeting Site... from the drop-down list.
Step 4    Select the plus (+) button to add a new meetings site.
Step 5    Enter the required settings in the following fields:
Site URL
The name of the Cisco WebEx site, for example,
Your username
Your password
Step 6    Select Apply

Configure Bridge   Information


You can specify an alternative number to use for your conference    calls.   


Step 1    Select      Jabber > System      Preferences.     The     preferences window opens.    
Step 2    Select the      Calls tab.    
Step 3    Select the      General tab.    
Step 4    Select      Use my     number for conference calls option.    
Step 5    Enter the     number or the URI for your bridge.          

If your     administrator has added a bridge pattern you won't be able to edit this field.     

Step 6    (Optional)     Enter a Host PIN.    
Step 7    (Optional)     Enter a Guest PIN.    

Create Conference   Call Using My Bridge

Before You Begin   

You have    configured your bridge information. For more information, see     Configure Bridge Information.  


Step 1    In the group     chat window, select the call icon to start a conference call.    
Step 2    You are connected into your bridge and your participants     are sent an invitation to join your conference call.

Start a Meeting   Using my Personal Room

Before You Begin   

Ensure that     Use     Personal Room for all my instant meetings is selected in your     "Meet     Now" Settings on Cisco WebEx.   


Step 1    Select one or     more contacts.    
Step 2    Right click     and select      Meet     Now.     You are     connected into your personal room and your participants are sent an invitation     to join your meeting.    

Escalate to a   Collaboration Meeting Room


You can choose to    create a conference call from your group chat using Cisco Collaboration Meeting    Room (CMR) Cloud.  


Step 1    Ensure      Use my     bridge for conference call option is not selected. For more     information, see      Configure     Bridge Information.    
Step 2    When you are     in a group chat with participants, select the call icon.     You are     connected into the conference call and your participants are sent an invitation     to either enter the meeting using a video link or enter the meeting using Cisco     WebEx.    

Add DTMF in your   Meetings


You can copy and    paste dual tone multi frequency (DTMF) digits into a conference call.   


Step 1    Copy the     meeting ID, attendee ID, or PIN from your meeting invitation.    
Step 2    When in a     call, select the keypad icon.    
Step 3    Paste the     information directly into the keypad (Command + V).    

Control Far End   Cameras

Before You Begin   

This feature is available to you if it is supported by the system you    are calling, and if it is enabled for you by your administrator.   


Step 1    After you have started a video call, select the      Show Far End Camera Control icon.    
Step 2    Use the pan, tilt, and zoom button to control the call.    
  • For direct     calls to devices, use the controls to pan the camera left or right, tilt the     camera up or down, and zoom the camera in and out.     
  • For calls to     bridges, use the controls to select the conference layout that you want to use.         

You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts to manually     control the camera:     

Tilt up      

Up arrow key      

Tilt down      

Down arrow key      

Pan left      

Left arrow key      

Pan right      

Right arrow key      

Zoom in      

Plus sign      

Zoom out      

Minus sign key