WebEx and TelePresence CMR Hybrid Integration to Outlook Introduction

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WebEx Productivity Tools with TelePresence are a suite of tools that allow you to quickly schedule, start, and join meetings from various applications on your computer. After installing Productivity Tools, you have the WebEx Productivity Tools panel and integrations to Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, web browsers, and instant messengers

This add-in application in Outlook provides a convenient way for you to schedule a CMR Hybrid meeting that allows people to join using WebEx Meeting Center or a TelePresence system. After you schedule a CMR Hybrid meeting in Outlook, invitees receive an email invitation that contains the link for joining the WebEx meeting and information for joining the TelePresence meeting.

Using the integration, you can also schedule WebEx-only and TelePresence-only meetings.

When scheduling a meeting, you can invite people and reserve TelePresence rooms or systems and add video call-in participants from within Outlook. People you invite to a meeting do not need to use WebEx Productivity Tools or the Outlook integration to join the meeting.


You can use the CMR Hybrid integration only if both your WebEx site and your account have been enabled for it.

If your site administrator has enabled you for both CMR Hybrid meetings and video meetings, you will only be able use WebEx Productivity Tools to schedule video meetings. You will not be able to schedule CMR Hybrid meetings.

The integration also provides quick access to the following from Outlook:


    Your WebEx account settings



    Your Preferences page on your WebEx site, where you can give scheduling permission to another host



    A Meet Now button, which lets you start an instant WebEx-only meeting or a WebEx-only Personal Room meeting without having to schedule it


    To provide security for your meetings, the integration uses 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption for all data it sends to and retrieves from your WebEx site.



  • When you have the CMR Hybrid integration, you can have Personal Room meetings, but users can only join using WebEx. Personal Room meetings do not currently support users joining from TelePresence systems for the CMR Hybrid integration.


  • For information on the WebEx Integration to Outlook for users who are not CMR Hybrid users, refer to the WebEx Integration to Outlook for Windows Users Guide.



CMR Hybrid Meeting with WebEx and TelePresence


WebEx Productivity Tools with TelePresence Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Hybrid integration enables Cisco WebEx Meeting Center and Cisco TelePresence to work together in a joint meeting.


This option is available only if your site and account are enabled for the CMR Hybrid integration.


During a CMR Hybrid meeting, you can see live video of both WebEx and TelePresence participants.


The participant list in the WebEx meeting displays the TelePresence participants in one aggregate label, "TelePresence systems." The participant list on the TelePresence system displays each individual WebEx participant.


If a TelePresence participant connects the VGA or HDMI cable to a laptop and starts screen sharing, all participants, including the WebEx participants, can see the shared content. If a WebEx presenter starts sharing, all participants, including the TelePresence participants, can see the shared content.

You can record video, audio, sharing, chat, and polling for CMR Hybrid meetings. Select Record as you normally would in your WebEx meeting and your recordings appear in your My Files > My Recorded Meetings list in the My WebEx section. CMR Hybrid meeting recordings are in MP4 format. Video is recorded at 360 p.


WebEx and TelePresence CMR Hybrid Integration to Outlook Options


After you install WebEx Productivity Tools with TelePresence, CMR Hybrid integration options appear in Outlook. Scheduling options appear in a meeting window when you are scheduling a meeting.




When you and your site are enabled for the CMR Hybrid integration, your integration to Outlook interface looks different from the WebEx integration to Outlook interface for users who are not enabled for the CMR Hybrid integration.


The following table describes the integration options:




What you can do…       


Schedule Meeting


Schedule the following meetings:

  • CMR Hybrid WebEx and TelePresence meetings


  • WebEx-only meetings including Personal Room meetings


  • TelePresence-only meetings


  • Personal Conference or Audio-Only meetings



CMR Hybrid users cannot presently use TelePresence resources in a Personal Room. They may still use a Personal Room for WebEx only participants


Account Settings


For Outlook 2007, select the arrow on the WebEx button to see this option. For Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016 select the arrow on the Schedule Meeting button to see this option.


Edit your WebEx account information, such as the URL of your WebEx site and your username and password, on the Account tab.


Set Scheduling Permission


For Outlook 2007, select the arrow on the WebEx button to see this option. For Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016 select the arrow on the Schedule Meeting button to see this option.


Opens the My WebEx > Preferences > Scheduling Option page on your WebEx site.

On this page, you can set meeting defaults and assign a delegate to schedule or edit meetings on your behalf.


Meet Now       


Start an instant WebEx-only meeting—a WebEx meeting you can start at any time, without having to schedule the meeting in advance.

You can specify options for instant meetings that you start with Meet Now on the "Meet Now" Setting tab of the WebEx Settings dialog box.


Meeting Options       


In a meeting window, toggle the Meeting Options button to show or hide the WebEx and TelePresence scheduling options.


WebEx Productivity Tools Panel

The WebEx Productivity Tools panel may already be open on your desktop, depending on your settings. If it is not open, you can open it by doing the following:

  • Select the WebEx Productivity Tools icon from the Windows taskbar.


  • Select WebEx Productivity Tools from the Windows Start menu.


  • Select WebEx Productivity Tools from your Windows desktop.



The Productivity Tools panel or some of the Productivity Tools options may not be available, depending on your site settings.

The WebEx Productivity Tools Panel provides access to the following:

  • Settings: Select the Settings icon to open a menu with the following features:


    • Preferences: Opens the Preferences dialog box for WebEx Productivity Tools.


    • Help: Opens the Help Central website.


    • About: Displays the version number and license and patent information.


    • Check for Updates: Checks whether you are using the latest version of Productivity Tools or if an updated version is available for download.


    • Send Problem Report: Prepares an email message for you to send to support to report a problem.


    • Exit: Select to exit WebEx Producitvity Tools.


  • Search for a meeting: Select the Search icon to open a search window where you can enter a name, email address, meeting number, keyword, or meeting title to search for a meeting.


  • Schedule a meeting: Select the Schedule icon to open the Microsoft Outlook Meeting window and schedule a WebEx, Personal Room, or Personal Conference meeting.


  • Start a meeting: Select Start Meeting to start an instant meeting. By default, instant meetings are held in your Personal Room. If you don’t want to use your Personal Room for instant meetings, turn off the Use Personal Room for all my instant meetings option in the "Meet Now" Settings section of your Preferences


  • View your My Meetings list: Select more to view your upcoming meetings for the day. From the My Meeting list you can do the following:
    • You can select Start or Join to start or join your meeting when it is time.


    • Use the < or > characters to move to the next or previous day


    • Select the Calendar icon to choose a different day to view.


    • Select the Refresh meeting list to refresh the meeting list.



    Personal Room meetings and meetings created on other WebEx sites do not appear on the My Meetings list.