Chats in Cisco Jabber for Windows 11.7

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Search from Chat Windows

You can find, add, and call contacts from the search bar in chat windows.

Step 1    Enter the name of a contact in the search bar of the chat window.

You can enter phone numbers in the search bar to call directly from the chat window.

Step 2    Start a conversation with your contact by using one of the following methods:
  • Hover your cursor over the contact to add that contact to a list or to call that contact.
  • Double-click the contact to start a chat session.

Start Group Chats


You can use group chats to send instant messages to two or more contacts at the same time. Group chats are not persistent, meaning that you can use them to create a chat with two or more people but no history is stored.

Select one or several participants to invite to the group chat. The maximum number of participants in a group chat is 200.
  • Open a chat window with one participant of the group chat. Click the Add participants button in the bottom right corner of the chat window and specify other participants.
  • On your Contacts list, select everybody that you want to invite to the group chat. Right-click over the selected names and select Start a group chat.

Send a Broadcast Message


Broadcast IMs allow you to send a single IM to multiple contacts. You can select multiple contacts or a group of contacts from your contact list and send a broadcast message to them all at once. Recipients receive broadcast IMs in the same way as normal 1:1 chats.


Step 1    From your contact list, select all the contacts that you want to IM.   

If you want to send a message to an entire group, select the header for the contact group.

Step 2    Right-click on the selected contacts and click Send broadcast message. The Send Broadcast Message dialog displays.
Step 3    Enter your message in the text box.   

If you want to add more people to the broadcast message, you can search for them in the To field and add them.

Step 4    Click Send.

Transfer Files

You can transfer files between Cisco Jabber clients using the Send file icon in the chat window. You can also drag and drop the file into the chat window.

Step 1    Select Send file in the bottom right corner of a chat window.
Step 2    Select the file that you want to transfer from your computer.
Step 3    Select Open.

Chat Rooms

You can use chat   rooms if they are enabled by your administrator. Chat rooms are enabled if   there is a Chat Rooms icon on your hub window.  

Use chat rooms   to join or read discussions on the theme of the room with the other chat room   members. For example, your administrator may create a themed chat room such as   "Foreign Exchange Rates", where you can join this room to discuss the foreign   currency exchange rates and view all previous messages sent to the room since   its creation.   

You can browse all   rooms by viewing a list of room names, join open rooms, or be added to a room   by an administrator. You can be a member of multiple rooms. You can filter room   content by keywords or senders.   

Join Chat   Rooms



Joining a chat    room allows you to participate in the conversation or read what is being said,    where multiple chat room members share information in a common chat window. All    of the rooms that you are a member of are listed in your     My     rooms tab. If an administrator adds you to a chat room, it is    displayed immediately in your     My     rooms tab.   


Step 1    Click the      Chat     Room icon in the      Hub window, and select the      All     Rooms tab.    
Step 2    Browse for a     room, which are listed alphabetically.     If a room is     restricted to specific members, you cannot join the room unless you are added     by an administrator. For the restricted rooms that you are not a member of, you     see a lock icon instead of the      Join button.   
Step 3    Click      Join beside the room that you want to join. The     rooms where you are already a member have a checkmark beside them.    

Participate in a   Room


After you join a    room, you can participate in the chat room and view the discussion history.    Some chat rooms may be used to only distribute information, where some members are entitled to publish information and others have read-only access.


Select the     Chat     Room icon on the     hub window, and click on     My     Rooms to view the rooms where you are a member. Double-click on the    room that you want to enter.   


When you enter a    chat room, the history of conversation is persistent. Even if you exit a chat    room and close the client, you can return to the conversation in that room. When you return to the chat room, you can view the messages that were sent by other members while you were not logged in. In    a room, select     Show     More to view older messages.   


View the    current participant list on the right side of the chat window. You can show or hide the participant list.   


Filter   Rooms



Filters search chat room using the    criteria that you define for the search. You see a red badge, which displays the number of new matches    found for your filter. Filters can include mentions when your username is used    in a chat room, or custom filters that search by keyword or sender.   

In the     Filters tab, select     Create     Filter. You can filter chat rooms using up to three keywords or by    username. Give the filter a label and then define the filter criteria. You must    define at least one keyword or the username of the sender, but you can specify the sender and up to three keywords. When you are done,    select     Create.   


Results are listed    on the     Filter tab, with a number to indicate how many    results were found that you have not read. Results are updated automatically each time a new match for    your filter is made. When you have matches on your filter, you can click on the    filter match to open the chat history in the rooms where the matches were found.   


My    mentions


When other users    mention your username, it creates a notification in the     My     mentions section of your chat room filters. Mentioning users creates    a notification that they were mentioned in a chat room.   


To create a    mention for another user, in the text box of the chat window, type the @ symbol followed by the person's user name to search the directory for the    user. The client will display user names that match what you are typing. Select    the username that you want to mention. You can mention a username that does not have a    Jabber ID associated with it. After you send the message, a notification is    created for the mentioned user in their     My     mentions, with a link to the conversation in the room where the    mention is. You can use the @ symbol as part of your text entry, just tap the Esc key to exit the mention field. Users only receive a notification if the chat room is public and    they are a user in the organization, or if they are a member of the chat room.   


Mentioning Users in Chat   Rooms


When other users mention your username, it creates a notification in    the     My mentions section of your chat room filters.    Mentioning other users notifies them that they were mentioned in a chat room.   

Before You Begin  

Users only receive a notification if the chat room is public and the    user is part of the organization, or they are a member of the chat room.  


Mentions must be enabled by your system administrator.

Step 1    To create a mention for     another user, in the text box of the chat window in a chat room, type the @     symbol followed by the person's user name to search the directory for the user.     The client displays user names that match what you are typing.    
Step 2    Select the username that you want to mention. You can mention a     username that does not have a Jabber ID associated with it. You can use the @     symbol as part of your text entry.    
Step 3    Use the      Esc key to exit the mention field.


After you send the   message, a notification is created for the mentioned user in their    My mentions list, with a link to the conversation   in the room where the mention was made.   

Search Chat   Rooms


You can search chat rooms by keywords, and further refine your keyword    search with criteria such as participants, room name, and date range.   

Before You Begin  

You must be a member of the chat rooms for your search to be    completed.  


Step 1    In the client window, select the      Chat Rooms icon, then select the      Filters tab.   
Step 2    Enter search criteria in a     search box, just like you search for contacts in your Cisco Jabber hub window.     The following restrictions apply to chat room searches:         

    The search includes the period from when you joined a chat       room until the present day.     



    The search does not work for special characters, unless you       add letters to the search string as well.     


Step 3    Double click on a result to open the persistent chat room where     the search got a match.    


Results are sorted   chronologically and grouped by room. The maximum number of results displayed is   200, although you can show more messages to display older results.  

Add Custom Chat Alert Sounds

You can add custom chat alert sounds. All sound files must be in .wav audio format. Supported formats include:




















Step 1    Navigate to the Jabber Chat Alerts folder on your system. A typical installation path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco Systems\Cisco Jabber\Sounds\Jabber Chat Alerts.
Step 2    Copy the custom chat alert sound file into the Jabber Chat Alerts folder. You can now see the new chat alert option on the Sounds and Alerts tab of the Options window.