Configure Automatic Upgrades for Cisco Spark Hybrid Services Resources

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All resources used for Cisco Spark Hybrid Services have an upgrade schedule (weekly for Expressways and daily for Hybrid Media). You can set up these clusters to upgrade automatically at a time of your choosing. You will receive an email before and after every upgrade. In case of an upgrade failure, you are sent an email and asked to intervene.


This feature only supports one scheduled upgrade time for each cluster. If you have a single Expressway-C, you will experience a brief outage while an upgrade occurs. We recommend that you schedule a convenient time for upgrades (for example, after hours).

Before You Begin


    If you upgrade multiple Expressway-C connector hosts, you won't see any downtime.


    If you previously configured a service-specific upgrade time, by default all clusters will upgrade at the same time until you make further changes. We default you to one of the following:

      The Hybrid Call Services upgrade time, if you have both Hybrid Calendar and Call Services.



      The Hybrid Calendar Service upgrade time, if you have only Hybrid Calendar Service.



    Calendar Connector does not yet support active-active redundancy. Expect a brief downtime while an upgrade installs. After the upgrade when the connector restarts, it will synchronize all missed meetings; you won't lose any meetings that were created while the connector was down.



1    From the customer view in, go to Services, click All Resources from the on-premises resources card, and then choose Settings for the resource whose upgrade schedule you want to set.
2    Choose a time, frequency, and time zone under the Automatic Software Upgrades section.   

You can specify a different upgrade schedule for each cluster.

3    For Expressway-based clusters, choose a time for the Urgent upgrade schedule.  

For Hybrid Media, urgent upgrades are applied as soon as they are available.

4    Confirm your changes.  

You can see the next scheduled upgrade time on this page.

5    Select Postpone if you want to delay the upgrade one time.
What to Do Next



    To upgrade your clusters outside of the scheduled upgrade time that you set, you can go to Services, choose Resources from the Hybrid Service card, then click a registered cluster to open the overview page.



    If you see a standard or urgent software upgrade, you can click Upgrade Now.