Slido is available in Webex Meetings. You can use Slido in plans for up to 10,000 users in Webex Webinars on version 41.9 and later sites. Slido polls are available for up to 10,000 attendees, while quizzes are available for up to 5,000 users.

Known issues

  • Microsoft Edge WebView2 is required, if using Windows.

    Otherwise, Slido prompts you to install it on first use and WebView2 downloads from Microsoft. Download and install can take several minutes, which could impact your meeting experience.

  • Android takes a long time to open the Slido app.

  • Polls and Q&A are included in meeting recordings only when the host shares the meeting window.

  • The color theme in Slido doesn't match the color theme in Meetings.

    Workaround: There’s an option for hosts to customize the colors for participants in Slido.


  • Webex users must be created in or linked to a Control Hub organization.

    Slido isn’t available to meeting hosts in Site Admin managed sites, unless the site and users are linked to Control Hub.

  • Slido isn't supported in meetings from a space in Webex App. Hosts can run Slido from the Meetings desktop app or from full-featured meetings in Webex App. Hosts can also go to and prepare and run Slido from there.

    Participants can use Slido on the Meetings desktop, mobile, and web apps.

  • If you make someone else the host during a meeting, the new host can't create and run polls and Q&A in Slido.

    Workaround: Go to and add collaborators to help you manage Slido in Webex Meetings.

  • English is currently the only language available in Slido for Meetings hosts.

    Other participants see the Slido app in the language they use for Meetings.

  • Slido isn't supported in breakout sessions.

  • Webex room and desk devices aren't supported.

  • Slido isn't supported on Webex for Government sites.

  • Slido functionality isn’t available in end-to-end encrypted meetings.

  • Slido isn't supported if you use the Meetings web app in Internet Explorer 11.