Start Streaming

As a meeting host, you can stream the contents of your meetings to IBM Video Streaming. All streams include the audio, video, and content that is shared while the meeting is active.

When you stream a meeting to IBM Video Streaming, you continue to have full functionality of your Webex meeting. You can start or stop your stream at any time.

Streaming your meetings using IBM Video Streaming must be enabled by your site administrator.

If you do not have IBM account, you can start an IBM Video Streaming account here -


Sign in to your Cisco Webex site and start your meeting.


Select More Options and then choose Start live streaming.


Select IBM Enterprise Video Streaming and choose your IBM Video Streaming login opton.


Enter your IBM user name and password, then click Sign In.

Your IBM Video Streaming account information is saved on the site that you use for your meeting.


To confirm that you're streaming, check for the Live indicator in the upper-right corner of your meeting.


When you want to end your stream, select More Options and then choose Stop Streaming.

You can view each meeting that is streamed to IBM Video Streaming live or as a recording. Your stream automatically becomes available as a recording in your IBM account when it ends.

Enterprise live streaming isn't available for FedRAMP-authorized Webex offerings.